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Thoughtrender Lamia from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Thoughtrender Lamia
Wizards of the Coast

Featured in the "Pantheon's Power" Intro Pack, Thoughtrender Lamia is a new black "Magic: The Gathering" card from Wizards of the Coast's expert expansion set "Journey Into Nyx."

Thoughtrender Lamia - 4BB
Enchantment Creature - Lamia (Uncommon)
Constellation - Whenever Thoughtrender Lamia or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, each opponent discards a card.
Some predators can sense fear in their prey, but the lamia is drawn to madness.

Many "Magic" players we've spoken to seem to underestimate the strength of constellation creatures. They're not as glamorous or sexy compared to Slithers or Allies, however in a deck packed with them they'll help you gain just as much value. It's easy to chain them together. Turn two Underworld Coinsmith. Turn three Grim Guardian. Turn four Harvestguard Alseids and an Oppressive Rays. Turn five Dreadbringer Lampads or Doomwake Giant.

At six mana Thoughtrender Lamia pretty much tops out your curve, and there's a chance your opponents won't have that many cards left in their hands to discard. What makes Thoughtrender Lamia better than it looks is that it says "each opponent," meaning its much more powerful in multiplayer games like commander where you'll be able to gain a significant amount of card advantage out of it from the get go.

As with the other enchantment creatures, Thoughtrender Lamia survives an Extinguish All Hope.

How will you use Thoughtrender Lamia?

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