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What you can do without a paycheck
What you can do without a paycheck
Ucc Broadcast Ministry

College graduate's number one complaint is being turned down for a job because their experience working is next to none. It doesn't have to be, because though, you may not have had that seasonal retail job, babysitting or even dog sitting, seriously think about advancing your volunteer opportunities on your resume early and speak out with what you have accomplished volunteering during that next interview.

Graduates have no idea that experience running, let's say, a church campaign, a political event or even college committee opportunities can help open the door to your next job. If you are in high school or college, start thinking now what you can do by taking little steps to building that dream career you want. Those that what to become a professional musician, should be doing all they can to perform in public. Those that write, should be publishing in every avenue available even if it is just a school newsletter.

The First Congregational United Church of Christ in Downers Grove offers a live streaming of all Sunday services at 11 am on Sunday. The show is taped also and available online for a week following the service and until the next service is presented.

The UCCBroadcast Ministry provides a unique way of reaching out to home bound members who cannot attend church and visitors who would like to learn about the churches message. Pastor Scott Oberle and Pastor Rix Thorsell offer guidance to anyone no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. The Guided Path and the Chancel Choir, directed by Jim Molina, has been an integral part of the worship service that will play anything from traditional Christian hymns to Gospel music accompanied by professional musicians.

The UCC broadcast ministry will be opening its doors to youth group volunteers; building knowledge and participation in managing the technical process of worship Internet streaming. Also, the idea will be suggested for a Youth Ministry Show created by them for younger viewers.

This will give them the opportunity to present news and views that help shape their lives. And for those interested in broadcast media, another committed pursuit on their resume.

Employers are more excited about those that volunteer their time consistently without the prospects of a pay check. It truly defines the character of a winning candidate.

Join First Congregational to find out more about the variety of activities available that may help you become more marketable than you ever thought possible.

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