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Thought America was a humane nation

Where is the outrage over the cost of medical supplies, drugs, and testing, in the healthcare debate? I only hear about cost of insurance. The cost of deliverance seems forgotten.

People in higher income brackets, the few among the many, don't pay attention much to these extreme costs as their insurance picks up the tab. Their premium updates, just the cost of doing business. Average families though who can barely keep food on the table, and gas to get to work, and the many who have no insurance, or who are paying premiums which are a huge part of their total income, sure do.

Got stomach pain? Here try a prescription for acid reduction your doctor says, a doctor by the way who has received a kick back of some sort to prescribe a certain company's medicines. The bill for the pills to you? 200$ for 60 tabs. Not a new drug even, just a remake of an older remedy, so it can be marketed as new with a new pill cost. Cost per pill? Over 3 dollars per day. Less than a cup of 'Starbucks,' you say. That is certainly true, but folks on the edge financially, that exist day to day, with no savings, do not have $200 in a lump sum, nor do they get their coffee at Starbucks! After rent, utilities, car payment and insurance, after food, and personal products, every cent is gone until next paycheck. So if medicine is really needed, it is just too bad!

No, many working people do not have $200 for a little bottle of pills at hand, and every month if needed, impossible. Especially ridiculous for medicines which have already researched, trialed out, and fully on the market. The 'remixing' trick to keep prices up stinks. The pill prices then need to be added into the possible cost of a sitter, taking off of work, and the price of getting to doctor, or clinic, in the first place. Add in, your local 'no real choice' doctor sends you for labs, or to a specialist whom of course must run special $600 blood tests before even talking to you. Also for some dang reason, if relatives or friends, take pity on you and pay the astronomical fees, the specialists who are called in are always in the next town over, or farther ... so add gas to get there at 60 to 80 dollars a tank. Most people who find themselves in these situations just don't go to the doctor until transported by ambulance to an emergency room, leaving the family in chaos.

Another issue is that not all sitters are for children, & finding people who can be trusted and will take on adults is not an easy task. The number of husbands and wives, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters, whom are taking care of the chronically ill, aged, and disabled relatives is quite common. Many take the place of 24 hr. nursing, with all that implies ... physical care, cleaning, and supervision, plus the application, or injection, of medicines. Untrained and unpaid; their own lives on hold, no matter degrees or potential. Some states, after extensive approval, will pay part time minimum wage for 'in-home services' for the declared disabled. In California that is 800 a month! ... for 24 hrs. of caretaker service, and 7 days a week!!! No vacations or time off.

There are so many cost cutting measures that could be applied to our medical situation, considering the masses of humans who make a minimum wage, or close to it, or for those whom are in that unique, below poverty, position of health caretaker. Not having health care sucks the life out of you. With worry that you can not afford it for your loved ones or yourself, a person is driven into sickness if they were not sick before ... literally priced out of the market!

In my opinion there should be no profit motive on the misery of other human beings. Costs to a single player provider, could be dramatically cut by a few simple measures. First, if appropriate, by staying local. Second by educating more 'family' doctors, ones between the local clinic and the specialist. 'Nip things in the bud' as folks used to say, to prevent long term, chronic illness before it gets started. And for hereditary chronic illness, identify and treat early to avoid costly complications as long as possible. And when hospitalization is required? Use vendors for common items who charge reasonably. Surely hospital tissues can be provided cheaper than 12 dollars a box!

America sells itself as a humane society, supposedly always taking the road of the moral high-ground. How is obscene profit justification on whether to treat someone suffering, or to save a life or not? We call ourselves civilized. We should act like it. Humane treatment of other human beings should not be an option. The Affordable Care Act may be a start, but our nation still has a long way to go to true compassionate, effective medical care. The profit motive should have no place in healthcare.




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