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Though it never sank, Indiana James resurfaces

Making movies is work, but it does have its fun aspects. Indie film is another world, but is also not without its pleasant aspects. More so in that independent film is guerrilla warfare compared to mainstream movie making. There is the shared camaraderie of cast and crew. Locations are always interesting. The guerilla aspect has been a hallmark of the production of Indiana James and the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt.

Indie and Marion
Indiana James and the Lost Shaker of Salt

Full disclosure, The Boston Film Industry Examiner has been a member of the forlorn Indiana James team for several years now. I won’t say I was a young man when I joined up, but you get my drift.

We spent time in warehouses made up to be Caribbean outposts. Sandy areas in backwoods New Hampshire became beaches. Ruggles Mine in the Northern Granite State had to be abandoned in winter because it was one big sheet of ice. Back in spring we nearly died of the heat in costume. Memorable was our naval service at Battleship Cove in Fall River, the Marseille of Massachusetts.

Photography is done and post-production has proceeded to the point where the team is finally getting to see at least part of the finished product. It is fun.

Indie James is both spoof and homage. There are a number of threads to the yarn. Indiana Jones is the primary theme, but there is Margaritaville and Jimmy Buffet as well. A competent Captain Jack helps channel Pirates of the Caribbean, and even some Star Wars.

Though spoof, it is not making fun of what the influences. Rather it makes fun of itself. Thomas Pimental aka Indiana James has sent the first part of the movie to the team. It is not to be shared, but I can relate one small scene. Actors pass by a suburban homestead that is in the midst of a supposed jungle set (that guerrilla making do thing). A child asks mom who they are and mom tells her indie filmmakers, a lot who suffer from poor self-esteem. The daughter is admonished not to talk to them as they might ask for funding. Ain’t it the truth.

We’re getting closer to the full movie, so keep working Tom. The cast wants to see the complete production while the majority of us are still too young to collect Social Security.

There are so many who deserve recognition that would make this article way too long. Fortunately, there are places to go and find out about Team Indiana James. Links below.


Official Website


Facebook request to Jimmy Buffet

Attached is a video made at Ruggles Mine requesting a favor from the man who put Margaritaville on the map. If you know Jimmy, give him a call.

“If you think saving the world is easy, then try doing it with a hangover.”

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