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Thou shall not kill - do you agree?

Racine, WI
Racine, WI

Thou shall not kill

Save the whales! Close the puppy mills! Rescue abandoned horses!

Hundreds, if not thousands of pictures, ads, and appeals rightfully fly across the airwaves calling for help to save the animals. Not too long ago there was a protest in our town– a “life chain” of sorts that pleaded with people to adopt rather than abuse pets. The response was largely sympathetic, and I could understand the general reaction of shock and anger at a pet chain that purportedly dealt in re-marketing abused and mistreated pets.

More recently Racine also saw a “life-chain” of people holding signs that encouraged the same humane treatment for defenseless people – unborn babies. While some reactions were supportive and understanding, others were far from it.

The media has exploited the fact that a few kooks have taken upon themselves to ‘play God’ and either killed or attempted to destroy the persons and businesses who harvest the little human bodies for profit. They have created a profile of those who believe in the babies ‘right to life’ as would be or could be murderers. Nothing is farther from the truth for they stand to save life, not to destroy it.

Ironically, many of those who mouth the campaign to fear those who fight abortion do so because they want to protect their own ‘right’ to kill. Some say it is their body – but know it is not, for they walk away from the dismembered body of their child. They walk away still whole physically. True, their soul, their mind, their memory have not been untouched by the consensual murder, but their body has not been expelled, burned to death or ripped apart.

Thou shall not kill. How much easier it is to protect a puppy that you can give away or bring to a pet shelter, than it is to protect the life of a child you possibly cannot afford to raise, or don’t want to raise because it would inconvenience your life.

A young acquaintance self-described as a ‘liberal Christian’ says that man cannot legislate morality so the goal from politics should be to get what we can. What that line of thinking gets, however, is legislating immorality – including legalizing murder.

Thou shall not kill.

The only thing I see that we have to ‘give up’ by voting for those who oppose morality is our conscience, but what if there is some thing we won’t get by voting for values and morality? When we each stand before God someday to explain how we lived out our faith, how we followed the commandments, it will be a sad day if we have to say I purposely chose for my own personal benefit rather than save a single life. God’s Word does not change. It still reads the same.

Thou shall not kill.

Photographs and permisison for publication obtained by this examiner. Every participant was unashamed and proud to be associated with the life chain and this article. "If I can help one woman to know the truth, it will be worth it," stated Cindy, one of the signholders. She also supports missions that save young orphaned girls from being sold into prostitution, and attends First Evangelical Free Church in Racine - one of the life chain supporting churches.


  • Marla 4 years ago

    Friday, November 19, 2010 on AM 620 I heard little pieces of a couple who were taking a poll on line as whether they should keep their baby or abort it! My co-workers were very upset too. Human life is so trivialized compared to a puppy. This is so horrific to just gamble about a life because it's so young. Our creator says we need to correctly handle the word of God. Do your best to present yourself approved by God. God forgives and heals; don't abort your baby.

  • Profile picture of Maureen Boylan
    Maureen Boylan 4 years ago

    Excellent article. We need more of this in the media. Thank you.

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