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Those That Dream: Do

Those That Dream
Those That Dream
Courtesy of Ashley Thomas

Self respect. Self esteem. Self confidence.

That’s what Those That Dream help instill in the youth they serve. This fairly new faith-based organization, promotes old school values that often get lost in the behavior of younger generations. There are some old values worth keeping, and Those That Dream is doing something about it.

The mission of this organization is to “provide educational and cultural programs as well as prevention-intervention social services for youth, their families and communities via a combination of carefully designed programs that nurture deeper knowledge of God, self and respect of others.” They achieve this by addressing hot topics youth of today can relate to first hand. If it is encountered, it is up for discussion and resolution.

Children can benefit by connecting with others who are sensitive to both the difficulties they face in our city streets as well as their internal spiritual battles they may struggle to communicate.

Kids often combat challenges in school, in their community and at home. A strong group support system can make a difference in the life of a young person trying to find his or her way.

Guidance and acceptance with the knowledge that he or she is not alone in his or her challenges helps an individual focus more on just self. He or she is able to recognize being one part of a whole and the importance of giving something back.

Dreaming of a better world is one thing. Doing something about it is another. Aiding youth in their development so they become adults who add value to the lives of others and benefit society is a dream come true.

Get further information about Those That Dream and their self-esteem boosting programs for young ladies and character building for young gentlemen.

Have your son or daughter join them in up-coming events.

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