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Those oldies are still goodies and even golden

Older dogs are often better behaved and still are great compaions.
Older dogs are often better behaved and still are great compaions.
Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

We all know the problem of pets that are no longer cared for by their owners. They end up in shelters. They are unwanted, unloved and haven’t got a forever home. Their plight is a sad one until some of you great people with big hearts rescue them and adopt them to be yours forever and ever.

The same problem results with strays that are simply on their own usually because they were dumped somewhere or left to fend for themselves after their owners moved. That is so very cruel.

The issue of unwanted pets is enormous. But one group of pets are in even more serious trouble. They are abandoned because they no longer are cute or want to play or able to overcome their medical issues. Their only crime is being old.

The elderly pets are more likely to be surrendered by their owners. It makes no difference that these pets were loyal companions for many years. The owners only see the potential problems for medical conditions and even the pet dying. They have no interest in being there to protect them, help heal them and ultimately hold them while they cross that Rainbow Bridge. This is certainly selfish after these pets gave you so much of their affection and placed you above everyone else. You were their whole life.
To abandon an elderly animal is sad. You owe them so much more. Unfortunately, this happens all the time and the shelters are inundated with older pets that someone decided are too much trouble to care for anymore.

These are very likely to end up in a shelter and are the harder to place since people want cute, healthy, active puppies, but that is wrong thinking. They are the ones euthanized the soonest. Saving a life is saving a life. No matter the age or the conditions, pets need you. Senior pets need you desperately.
The advantages of the older pets outweigh the disadvantages. There is less training needed normally because experience has trained them even when the owner has not. They are calmer and a lot less noisy than their younger counterparts. In normal situations, they still have lots of love to give and enough time to give it in.

When you finally think about doing the right thing and adopting a pet, check out the older ones, their need is more severe, more desperate and they have the ability to love you for rescuing them. They are worth any risk to give them a chance to live longer.

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