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Those inevitable Doctor visits with young children

Doctor visits are vital to the health and well-being of our children
Doctor visits are vital to the health and well-being of our children
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This time of year there are so many germs going around that a visit to the Doctor may be inevitable. And Doctor visits are a regular part of having a young child. It is an important to a child's health and development. However, sometimes once your child is a toddler or preschooler going to the Doctor can become an occasionally upsetting experience for your child, even with the most wonderful Pediatrician.

Talk to your child about the doctor visit in a positive way. Let your child know that the Doctors and Nurses have studied about children for a long time and they really want to help your child to grow up healthy.
About a day before the visit talk to your child about it. Let your child know what to expect.
Encourage your child to "play" going to the Doctor visit with their favorite doll or stuffed toy. It is a good way for your child to practice how they will feel. And when children play they are in control, so they feel less anxious.

Usually there are toys in the Doctor's waiting room to keep your child occupied as they wait. However, bringing along a favorite stuffed toy or blanket to take in to the examining room Can make your child feel a little more comfortable.
Bringing along a favorite story to read while waiting in the examining room can make your child feel more comfortable. Sometimes I would bring along one of our favorite Library Books from our local Library. I used to sing songs with my children or do finger-plays as we waited for the Doctor to come to the examining room.

Helping your child feel at ease during Doctor visits is not only less stressful for your child, it makes it less stressful you, the parent.

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