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Those free online games of kingdoms and cities

Kabam online games
Kabam online games

Have you tried one of the free online games which spend time building cities or kingdoms while fighting the neighbors and growing your own food?

These are a great way to build strategy skills and enjoy the feel of accomplishment of having done something. they do take time to develop and they do keep one occupied similar to a pet needing constant attention.

They do build strategy skills and keep one on ones toes while continuing the ideas of how a civilization is built and how to survive with the skills of rebuilding a city from nothing.

There are a few online games which are free to try but sometimes need diamonds, gold or other types of items bought or won in order to continue the game without difficulties.

Here are a few of the ones attempted for others to consider as a safe way to spend out ones frustrations: offers a variety of entry level skilled games, including Mafia, Poker and Empire. They only require a login and gems to complete some of the tasks. The Empire game provides a starting point with an enclosed town similar to that of Jamestown. There are tiny people walking around enjoying themselves.

One builds different types of buildings while training militia and completing the Quests section which involves rescuing a Princess as in the old time European fables. It is a very competitive in the larger map section where there are many castles and robbers or nomad camps which continue raiding each other. The cities show tiny people completing their business and offers a chance to fight highway men and wolves.

Forge of Empires as a strategy game which begins at the beginning of the stone age and continues through the modern industrial age of one has the patience. It is a very interesting game with again the manager-quest master offering suggestions and rewards for completing tasks while building ones city through each stage of human development. Again there is evidence of tiny people doing their tasks, but the war play actually shows men in action along with their horses going into battle.

It is fun to watch the city grow with different stages of development from cave man dwellings to tiled roof's to middle age strongholds. there are also sectors to conquer with the militia one trains. The use of diamonds to advance the research of different technologies is useful or a lot of patience is needed to get to the next level. has a larger assortment of games to chose from, including Grepolis. Grepolis a city building site set in ancient Greece. It uses island cities to build tiny metropolis's with tiny people who enjoy working or worshiping.

The Greek god's are in action here directing the wars which are done out of necessity. Ship building and raiding of other villages are part of the job of keeping the city alive, because if it is not done right you will loose your city and it will be destroyed. Gold can be bough to hire helpers who will keep the game alive and well.

Kings Era is another browser online strategy game. It has a polished look to its city already enclosed into the city. Building each building into a certain level provides more militia and this one has additional items in the buildings. These items such as a foundry or a sawmill will enlarge the aspect of the play time.

There are also items to capture in the field as well as battles to be won. There are no little people running around but there are strategy games to build credit in order to complete the quests set up independently with no rewards. This game requires the additional play time with other players whereas the other games allow allies or guilds to join in order to increase success.

Kabam is one of the more popular sites and has a higher polish to its cities. It includes Kingdoms of Camelot as well as a Hobbit based game, along with various others types of Angels or Fairy type worlds to encounter. The Godfather is another game and Dragons of Atlantis is a few of the highly developed strategy games found at this site.

These a free games but encourage the buying gems to complete the tasks faster. These can be gotten through completing surveys or accepting offers, the idea being the more gems you have the more you can build your own castle equipped with Lords and Ladies.

The Kingdoms of Camelot has a city as its central theme. There are no people to view, but different scenes can be seen at different times. The Castle includes items to help the imagination of advisors, pets and armory as well as reward items. The Barracks and Knights Hall allow training for the militia, there are also Alchemists and Metallurgist's.

The Apothecary was the main science of the time period. Instead of Hospitals, the use of herbs and perhaps magic it will heal or help the people. There is a middle age spire which creates items of magical quality to be used against other players.

This is a highly competitive game with other kingdom's willing to attack without provocation. There are battles or other types of deployment for the players such as dark forests to explore. There are Guardians to increase ones strength against the outside world. It is a very rewarding game to spend time on but can also become a burden if not visited everyday.

Try at least one of the games listed above or find one of your own. These are part of the Contemporary arts available online of games which go back to antiquity such as Chess which was played out with life-size figures of ladies and lords dressed and moved about in front of crowds such as the Tournaments or Olympic Games.

Find one which appeals to your own life or fantasy's and enjoy without spending too much money but a few hours a day. Take a strip this summer in ones mind or imagination with a free online game to explore anywhere one has online access, at the library or the beach.

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