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Thor #608



The Solicit:
SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! War has often come to Asgard before...but never like this! As the Shining City suffers the most brutal earthly attacks in its history, Thor and his allies fight to stay alive and save what they can! Might be a lost cause...The critically acclaimed breakout THOR run by Kieron Gillen (DARK AVENGERS: ARES) and Billy Tan (NEW AVENGERS) barrels on strong and takes turns you won't want to miss!

I Say:
I’m sorry, whose comic is this, again? The story this month places supporting cast members in peril and is crafted with high drama in mind, but the title character is conspicuously absent. This is doubly troubling, as this issue features the evil cybog clone of Thor (if it becomes a zombie, they'll hit the Trifecta of lameness). The publisher has been taunting readers with a bout between Thor and his imposter for nearly three years now, and this issue looked poised to deliver. No such luck.

I counted many Asgardians in this issue, but other than a nonspeaking cameo in three small panels, the Mighty Thor, god of thunder, is Sir-not-appearing-in-this-comic.

Regardless of how much I may like the supporting cast, any comic that does not actually feature the hero whose name appears on the cover is doomed to lose my support.

Verdict: MISS


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