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Thomson Air passenger throws leg at flight crew in drunken stupor at 30,000-feet

Woman throws her fake leg at flight crew on Thompson Airways flight to Scotland.
Woman throws her fake leg at flight crew on Thompson Airways flight to Scotland.
Wikimedia Commons

When an irate drunken passenger throws her fake leg at the flight attendants after she took it off and tried to fight with her prosthetic leg first, this may sound quite funny, but not at 30,000 feet in the air. The Thompson Air passenger started screaming that she wanted a cigarette and the visibly drunk woman even slapped a kid in the face, according to the Christian Post on August 1.

A passenger telling the story did say that it now sounds hysterical, but cramped in a plane with nowhere to go to get away from the combative woman, was anything but funny at the time. Flight 297 passengers who departed from Enfidha, Tunisia with Edinburgh, Scotland as their destination, were diverted for an emergency landing after the woman used her leg as a weapon toward the crew.

The 48-year-old woman was three sheets to the wind, she was cursing at passengers and the flight crew, she threw food, slapped a child and took off her prosthetic leg and started a one-sided argument with the prosthetic. After screaming about wanting a cigarette, the woman demanded a parachute to jump off the flight.

Before throwing her leg at the crew, she was hitting them with it. Once thrown, they were able to keep it away from her, but she used her “good leg” to kick anyone who came near her. The pilot diverted to Gatwick Airport for an emergency landing and this is where the woman was taken off the plane in handcuffs and arrested.

Sky News reports the woman was arrested by police at North Terminal on Wednesday. The woman was held for questioned by the police in Scotland on suspicion of using threatening behavior.

Thompson Airlines released a statement indicating that they have zero tolerance for any type of disruptive behavior. From the sounds of it this woman accomplished more than a few disruptive behaviors!

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