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Thomas Jefferson warned of UN Agenda 21 Part 2 of 2

Government eating the people!
Government eating the people!
Gerald J. Furnkranz

Government is using laws and regulations as oppressive tools to bind its citizens.

Politicians and the people!
Gerald J Furnkranz

Global Warming a scare tactic to impose many of those regulations to control the actions of the people! Putting taxes on carbon dioxide, the gas expelled by human beings when we breathe! Both the “Global Warming hoaxers and UN Agenda 21 are advocates of population control!

The UN Climate Chief Christina Figueres stated Communism is the best model for fighting “Global Warming”! Communist Russia and China both practiced genocide, putting to death millions of government opponents. This a convenient mechanism for population control. A method of getting rid of those who disagree.

America’s new Affordable Healthcare Act better known as Obamacare places many restrictions (chains) on people. It also contains a mechanism for population control. Government bureaucrats will decide who is worthy of the healthcare services and who is not. Imagine the healthcare bureaucracy being used like the IRS, targeting perceived enemies of a party or the government. Opponents of an administration could easily be refused healthcare, in essence death panels. Population control!

The push for gun control, disarming the American people of their right to bear arms. A natural move of those leaders with tyranny in their hearts. One by one usurping the freedoms that were given to the people of America by our founding fathers to destroy the free nation we were constructed to be!

The people’s freedoms guaranteed in the constitution being plucked away one at a time. Freedom of speech being curtailed by political correctness and the banning of words. The threat to our protection of unreasonable search and seizures by the NSA! The IRS used to attack opponents of the president. Common Core turning our public education system further into a system of socialist government indoctrination.

So many of our government institutions have gotten on this track of UN Agenda 21, the wolves of government attacking the people, turning them into dependent sheep to be devoured. Weakening the people making the easier to attack in the future. DHS, IRS, FCC, SEC, GSA and so many other government institutions attacking America(ns) from the inside like parasites.

This European model has taken hold in America turning ambition and exceptionalism into the unionist desire for mediocrity and lethargy. Encouraged by lazy leadership who know only the under the thumb methods of leadership. To imprison mind and body is their goal, replacing people’s freedom with what were presented as “Golden Shackles” of socialism.

Much of man’s history on earth has been living as serfs or slaves, grateful just to be allowed life by the elites. The American concept of freedom given by our founding fathers changed that. Now the UN wants to return to subjugation of the people. Perhaps the rest of the world is acceptable to be herded like animals. I think the majority of Americas are not!