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Thomas Jefferson warned of UN Agenda 21 Part 1 of 2

Over two centuries ago Thomas Jefferson warned of the danger of UN Agenda 21.

Jefferson in a December 20, 1787 letter to James Madison wrote, “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe!” Add his sentence to a letter to Edward Carrington, Jefferson’s 1787 letter stated, “Among [European Governments], under pretense of governing, they have divided their nations into two classes, wolves and sheep.”

UN Agenda 21 centers itself around “Global Sustainability”. How they see the earth should be treated to sustain human habitation the way the UN elites see it. Dictating to people where and how they should live.

They want to stack people in cities, creating population centers where they would pile people and their homes like containers in those vast shipping sites you see along the harbors and coasts. Stacked high and wide on the landscape so the rest of the land can be for the exclusive pleasure of the political elite royalty, the people will be squashed into these cubicles.

The UN planners see this stacking as a much more efficient and economical way to handle the people! People will be crammed into those buildings, like cattle in the stockyard. They will be available to the bureaucrats at their whim, easy to obtain. Living quarters like file cabinets for people, easy to herd, so available they can easily be lead to slaughter, figuratively, perhaps literally!

This is so reminiscent of H.G. Wells “Time Machine”, where the hero visits a future where humanity splits. The cannibalistic Morlocks (wolves) cultivate the docile Elois (sheep) like cattle for their own subsistence and sustenance. In the book it was a natural evolution. The UN has a planned strategy, also in a book, to split humanity in this direction, wolves and sheep, Morlock and Eloi.

It is a plan to round up those people in the rural areas, where they have learned greater independence, self-reliance and self-sufficiency and place them in the population center cages where they become weakened and dependent. Those in the cities are dependent on rulers for all they get: life sustaining food, shelter, water and clothing! Those in the cities could not live a week without those things government provides.

Many rural folk are not as dependent! They might be able to survive beyond the so called benevolence of government! Is it government benevolence or government oppression, making the people beasts of burden to government? Then the government elite can use the vast resources to build their own world wide playground where they can frolic while the people are packed in like chickens on a chicken farm!