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Thomas Guerra charged in deliberate spreading of HIV to ex: 24 victims in all?

Thomas Guerra charged with knowingly transmitting HIV to ex, possibly as many as 24 men.
Thomas Guerra charged with knowingly transmitting HIV to ex, possibly as many as 24 men.
ABC YouTube screenshot

A 29-year-old Fresno man is accused of knowingly exposing 24 other men to HIV. Thomas Guerra is charged with exposing his ex-boyfriend to the disease as the boyfriend is now testing positive, according to the Gawker on Aug. 29.
The unnamed ex-partner of Guerra spoke to the media saying he had dated him for over a year. He found about about Guerra’s HIV status within hours of a surprise marriage proposal he was planning.

The then boyfriend of Guerra received a message from another man on Facebook who claimed he was an ex of Guerra and told him he had HIV. The man was devastated saying “I don’t even know who I was living with. I don’t know who I had fallen in love with.” ABC News reports that as of right now the court is only charging Guerra with one count of knowingly transmitting this disease. The others that he allegedly infected would need to step forward for the prosecutor to bring any more charges.

After that incident a look through Guerra’s phone indicated that he was implicated numerous times of infecting men with HIV. Guerra even bragged about “giving people his positive load.”

What the unnamed boyfriend found out about Guerra was shocking to him, but luckily he found out before marrying the man. The now ex-boyfriend wants Guerra to get help. He doesn’t want him deliberately infecting people with HIV. The ex cites not wanting to see more people hurt as the reason he is speaking out today.

Guerra faces a $1000 fine and a maximum of six months in prison for his knowingly infecting his boyfriend. As of right now he is only charged with knowingly passing HIV on to his ex. If the other cases come forward this would prompt the prosecutors to up the case to a felony where the sentence jumps to an eight years.

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