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Thomas Gold in an exclusive interview prior to a Governors Island performance

After recently celebrating the 100th episode of his podcast show at an exclusive private event at Le Bain rooftop and announcing a summer Governors Island performance this August 2 hosted by RPM, widely revered German producer and artist Thomas Gold has released a brand-new collaboration with up-and-coming artist Borgeous titled, ‘Beast’ available now for purchase on Beatport via Spinnin’ Records. Garnering much support from EDM heavy-weights Avicii, David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, and Laidback Luke, the track has been receiving much attention across the festival circuit and receiving adoration from fans worldwide.

At Le Bain in New York City
At Le Bain in New York City
Le Bain
Tickets available via
RPM Presents

Thomas Gold has been making his way around the world this summer headlining some of the most renowned festivals and clubs across the globe. Most recently, he has performed shows at New York’s Electric Daisy Carnival, Light Nightclub in Las Vegas, Ministry of Sound in the U.K., and Space in Miami. Fans will be able to catch him and up-and-coming artists Henrix and NYC DJ Stoon ( as they both open for an evening of incredible music and breathtaking views at Governors Beach Club on August 2.

NY Electronic Dance Music Examiner had the esteemed opportunity to speak with Thomas Gold prior to this upcoming performance at Governors Island, please see below what he had to say about his recent release and summer plans in an exclusive interview. For more information regarding Thomas Gold, please visit his website at: or follow him at the following social-media platforms: @ThomasGold,

Hosted by RPMpresents , RPM is the world's premier dance music focused marketing and management group founded and operated by Pacha New York City owner Eddie Dean and promotional director Rob Fernandez. In the last year alone, their team has produced over 250 events in and around the New York City area including shows at Governors Island and Electric Daisy Carnival at MetLife Stadium. Tickets for the August 2 Governors Island event can be purchased at their official webpage at For VIP table reservations, please e-mail:

Pacha New York City will be providing fans with the opportunity to catch Thomas Gold in an official after-party following the event with Flamingo Rcordings artists Jewelz and Sparks as openers. To purchase tickets to the official after-party, please visit Pacha New York’s webpage at

So you're here to celebrate 100 episodes of your podcasts and your journey really has so many highs for you. What do you think has been a personal highlight of your career?

It was the show I played here in New York, at the Roseland Ballroom.

Get out of here, really? I love Roseland.

Yeah it's shut down, they closed it. Yeah I was really sad when I heard that.

I know, it's such a bummer. Me too, me too.

Because that was really one of the most memorable shows I ever did. And that's why I love New York. For the people, for the craziness, and how much love they show. I'm just proud to be a part of the the history of Roseland Ballroom, that was one of the biggest things.

Yeah, I love Roseland. It's so great.

And then I must say was Tomorrowland and EDC Vegas of course.

Oh of course! Awesome! So in your opinion, what do you think has helped you become as successful as you are? Can you give any advice to anyone that would be up and coming?

I always try to give 150% with my music, and I work hard. I work 7 days a week just on the music thing, and I was just constantly trying to get better, to work on my sound and stuff. I was listening to what's going on and yeah. I think it's a lot of work I just put in, and then I built-up a passion for music.

Yeah, totally! and you can hear that in your music. So you’ve work with so many incredible artists, is there any artist in particular that you were most excited about? Was there anybody you were pumped to work with.

I couldn't really pick one. There's so many.

I know; there’s a lot. Well anyone in particular you can think, off the top of your head.

Well, I would say maybe Axwell or Steve Angello. I love what these guys are doing, and the quality of their work, I really appreciate that.

Totally! So you’re going to be performing in a bit, what can we expect going into it? Do you usually plan ahead? How do you plan your sets?

I plan it for the venue…according to what I expect or what the crowd expects. A festival is more like in your face music, and if it's an intimate show, I'm prepared to go a little bit deeper. For example, if I’m going to play Space in Miami and do a set. It's a lot different from when I play EDC.

(Laughing) Yeah of course, course. So you do a lot of mash-ups. What do you think makes a good mash-up and what are some things you look for when you're aligning tracks together.

I think first of all, everything should be in key. And then it's all be about the vibe. Sometimes, even if things are in key, if both of the tracks are in the same key, there's no vibe coming out. You know? Technically they fit together, but musically it doesn't fit. It doesn't make you feel like, “Wow! This is it!”

Are there any mash-ups that you put together that never actually turn out to be, that we don’t hear?


Like a lot of them?

A lot of them.

Really?! That's crazy!

I try a lot, and I just try to play around with bits of track and then, vocals here and there and then …I just take a bass line of a track, and I take the break down section of another track and I put it on top, and sometimes I'm like, “Oh S***; this is all crap.”

That's cool. But that's how it goes, right?

Yeah. You never know.

With summer on the horizon, what are some performances that we should be on the lookout for that you're really excited about over the summer?

Yeah I'm going to Spring Awakening in Chicago, then I'm going to play Creamfields in England, I have a bunch of shows in Ibiza already locked in. I'm really excited about that, and then you know all these festivals coming up right now.

I know, it's my favorite time of year! haha - I love it. So are there any upcoming projects in the near future to look out for?

Yeah, sure. For example I have a track collaboration with Borgeous. We just finished it, and I'm going to do the world premiere next weekend at EDC.

Oh nice. I really like him too, he's cool.

Yea, he’s such a nice guy. We met at a festival. We sat down, we hung out, and we had fun. It happened within three weeks. We did the track so quick. It's a different approach I'm taking, and I'm really happy about this. I’m excited to see the reactions of the people, and I'm going to premiere that next weekend, and then I have a track on coming on Hardwell’s label Revealed in August. I have this collaboration with Dennis Koyu which is going to be out on Axtone at the end of the summer. So, that’s my plan.

Wow! That sounds like some really great stuff! Awesome!

So this is going to be my last question. You have obviously made an indelible mark on the dance music industry. Years and years down the road, what do you want fans and people to remember about your legacy? Because you're like a legend pretty much.



What I want fans to remember? The good music. It's all about the music. I want them to remember me as a good producer and a good DJ, because that's what it all comes down, is the music.

Totally! Well, it was so nice meeting you! Thank you for taking the time! It was a pleasure!

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