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Thomas and Matthew

(Old Testament) From the Gospel of Thomas 8: “He said, ‘ The man is like a wise fisherman who threw his net into the sea, he drew it up from the sea full of small fish, among them he found a large and good fish, that wise fisherman, he threw all the small fish down into the sea, he chose the large one without regret.

(New Testament) In the Gospel of Matthew: A fisherman and his crew threw his net into the sea, and when they drew it out found it to be full of all types of fish, kept the good ones and through the bad into the sea. The action is fishing, taking a chance, catching a bunch, and then sorting them out.

Matthew 13:44: The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which someone found and hid, then in his joy goes out and sells all that he has and buys the field.

Please comment on your thoughts I will share with you the thoughts on the parables through Bruce Hesse a Bible Scholar on which I as well contend.

Bruce Hesses explains “We all have in our minds a way of looking at the world, it has been shaped and formed by our experiences, happy, sad failure, success,, our economic position, our education, our work experience have all gone into the frame of reference (parables). Politically speaking How the paradigm of the world changed when WW II started, or when the Civil War began”.

Elizabeth Christianson explains; “Perhaps if there was something you wanted so bad and then you finally got it, every once in a while a Paradigm shift does occur, and then we change”.

Bruce Hesses explains “ I think that if Jane died (his wife) I would undergo a large paradigm shift”.

Elizabeth Christianson explains: “Death brings on a huge paradigm shift in ones life loosing a loved on infact I just lost my brother and through this huge paradigm shift I have been through political reason to, Why are there guns allowed to understanding to the best of my ability maybe God called my brother home”.

Paradigm shifts can be minor or huge, but through the parables hopefully one can understand the old we learned the new we live, that is the Old Testament, and The New Testament.

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