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The Ice Bucket Challenge nominates?

No matter what social website you see, there’s a chance someone you might know is being doused with a bucket filled with ice, cold water, called the Ice Bucket Challenge. It is the newest craze on the internet. Sport fans might recognize this aquatic performance done by football or baseball players at the end of game. It begins when a person is secretly selected by their teammates and grab a ice-filled container of Gatorade and “Dump” its contents onto the unsuspected recipient. Now friends, co-workers, neighbors and organizations are grabbing their buckets and ice trays in order to raise awareness and donation for a worthy cause.

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ALS Association

The ALS Association was established in 1985 but the disease existed back in the late thirties when one of baseball greatest players, Lou Gehrig, was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis that people later call it Lou Gehrig Disease. A progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerves cells in the brain and spinal cord. Since that time, the association along with doctors and researchers are working together in hopes someday a cure is found but in the meantime ALS continues to support families with medical assistance and education awareness.

As participants of Ice Bucket Challenge are growing by the numbers. Anyone can be nominated for the challenge. Once a participant is nominated by friend or co-worker, the challenge is drawn. The challenger must be performed the task within 24 hours and post it on a social site for all to see and the process starts all over again. Faithful participants can later go to the ALS Association's website and make a donation amount of their choice. All forms of donation payment and amount can be accepted. So go out and nominate a friend or loved one to the challenge.

For more information about the Ice Bucket Challenge and how to donate, visit at and please like them on FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin and on YouTube.

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