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Thistle Meadow Wines

Thistle Meadow Wines
Thistle Meadow Wines

Just north of Charlotte in the Town of Mooresville, I stumbled upon a very unique wine shop and it's part of a very unique winery that has a very unique way of doing things. Intrigued?

Well then, this wine shop is managed by a guy who really didn't want the job, at first. But after working to help set the store up and while sipping a glass of their Old Vine Zinfandel in his backyard, he fell in love with the whole unique idea. Now are you intrigued?

What if I told you that they make over 60 wines but don't grow a single grape? Oh, so now you're intrigued!

Thistle Meadow Wines is located on Main Street in downtown Mooresville, NC. It is managed by Hugh and Connie Sykes who are a real hoot and just plain good people. And yes, I can say "they are a hoot". I think the fact that the owner and winemaker of Thistle Meadow Winery is affectionately referred to as "Crazy" Tom, gives me license to use the word "hoot".

Thistle's approach to winemaking is to buy juice made from where the best grapes are grown, from all around the world, and make their wine in small batches. Want a wine made from grapes grown in France, New Zealand, South Africa or Australia? They have them. How about Germany, Chile, Italy or California? They have them too and many more. So how do they obtain all this grape juice from everywhere? It's probably a closely guarded secret, but the results of their efforts are not.

My wine tasting started off with "Hooker White" and ended with "Horse Stomp Red". Along the way I enjoyed Roaring Gap White, Ruisseau Blanc, South Fork Red, Nile Red, North Fork Red, Feather Bed Red, Tom's Special White, Old Vine Zinfandel, Turkey Knob Red, Tom's Special Red, Chickadee Red, Lucky Black and Sweet Holler White. Regrettably, I missed out on their Italian Stud which comes with the disclaimer - "The Winery assumes no responsibility for sudden passionate desires. Faint hearts beware."

They not only have a wine bar and sell their wines, they also sell unique wine merchandise, offer services like private wine tastings and private parties; as well as private labeling of wines and custom blending. Tessa Miller, their Director of Event Planning, specializes in making your wishes come true.

In case you are sufficiently intrigued, they have a Grand Opening this Thursday, October 11th, from 4 until 6 PM. There will be a ribbon cutting, food, wine and loads of fun!

If you miss the Grand Opening you can still come by and experience Thistle Meadow Wines during their regular hours. Taste the world at Thistle Meadow Wines.


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