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This Years Emmys: Comedy

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Before I present the awards for best Comedy, may I just add that the amount of repeats in this category is rapidly driving myself and other viewers of this program to distraction. For the love of God, can't we have some new blood, please?

Best Comedy
This is a little more complicated than Best Drama. The most layered series in this category is Orange is the New Black,, and it is by far the most entertaining show, but more than a few people think it should go in the Best Drama category. I'd like to see The Big Bang Theory prevail, because it is way overdue for a victory, but considering how popular the second season of the Netflix series was, I feel that it may override it. It's a good choice, though it will make some nitpickers unhappy.
Should Win: The Big Bang Theory.
Will Win: Orange is the New Black.

Best Actor in A Comedy
Jim Parsons is brilliant, but I think four times in three years is more than enough, especially since they chose to ignore his equally brilliant colleague Johnny Galecki. It ultimately comes down to which of two comics essentially playing themselves they will choose to honor. My personal preference is for Matt LeBlanc for Episodes, but Louie C.K. has been overdue a victory in this category for the last two seasons, and even though this season was more erratic than the previous two, I think the general respect the Emmys have for him (he's prevailed three times in other categories) will allow him to prevail.
Should Win: LeBlanc.
Will Win: Louie C.K.

Best Actress in a Comedy
Amy Poehler has deserved to win in this category for the last three years, and her work at the Golden Globes (where she won) demonstrates how versatile she is. It would make up for the fact that the competition in this category is far weaker than it has been in quite sometime, and that the category is more than due for a shakeup. I think it possible Julia Louis-Dreyfus could make it three years in a row for Veep, but I think there's a better than decent chance that Taylor Schilling could edge out a victory for Orange is the New Black.
Should Win: Poehler (pretty please!)
Will Win: Louis-Dreyfus/Schilling

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy
Tony Hale was brilliant once again as Selena bumbling body man in Veep, but I think the winner will be Andre Braugher for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The series deserved far more nominations than it got (including one for Best Comedy) but Braugher's remarkable skill at deadpan humor was one of the revelations of the 2013-2014 season. For once, the fact that this mans won more than a few Emmys shouldn't stand in the way of his victory.
Should Win/Will Win: Braugher.

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy
Once again, my personal preference is for Mayim Bialik for The Big Bang Theory, but while I think she's something of a dark horse, I think the possibility is very good that it will go to someone a bit more established. Allison Janney was brilliant on Mom, and her victory on Masters of Sex clearly indicates how versatile she is. But I think there's a good chance that Kate Mulgrew (who tied Janney at Broadcast Critics awards) and who was more of a revelation than Janney was will prevail.
Should Win: Bialik.
Will Win: Mulgrew.