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This Year's Emmy Nods: Best Comedy

Now, the comedies.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
The most watched comedy on TV is one of the funniest in history. The nerds we met in Season 1 have evolved so much you'd hardly recognize them or believe it was possible they could get from point A to point B. But it's the women in this show who continue to make it the most hysterical single camera show on TV. If you'd ever told me I'd get this much enjoyment from a show by Chuck Lorre even three years ago, I'd have told you were crazy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
One of the most engaging new comedies in the most unlikely of setting. I'd never been a fan of Andy Samberg before this show, and as much as I worship Andre Braugher, I don't think I'd have thought him up to the challenge of satirizing himself. Both were wonderfully, and delightfully up to the challenge. They deserve a lot of credit for creating this series.

Episodes (Showtime)
Still one of the more sublime comedies on television, able to make the failure of what appears to be the most pedestrian of comedy remakes into comedy gold. Considering how far much of Showtime's comedies have fallen this season, I would hope that the Emmys would recognize on that stays golden, particularly considering that it has one of the greatest lampooning of a comic personality in history. (Even Matt LeBlanc's parents don't seem to like him now!)

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)
I know, technically speaking this series is a lot closer to Glee and Shameless than the other comedies on this list. But in a world screaming out for more women and minority dominated series, this is one of the few that balances comedies with solemn dirge, and it has demonstrated the most brilliant use of talent since the early days of Arrested Development. Who would've thought Kate Mulgrew could be go brilliant or that the most poignant story of the year involved an inmate who pees on the floor?

Parks & Recreation (NBC)
Poor Leslie Knope. Recalled, rejected and dismissed from city life in Pawnee, it has never been so funny to watch government gridlock and the utter failure of democracy. It also has one of the most gifted supporting casts screaming out for recognitions by the voters. You're running out of time to honor Ron Swanson, Emmy voters, and The Office and 30 Rock are gone. Honor the NBC sitcom that deserves it this time.

Veep (HBO)
Leslie could commiserate with Selina Meyer. Running for President with the most back-biting acid tongued, Washington insiders, this side of Scandal may not be encouraging, but it's goddamn hysterical. Poor Selina became President and the blunders seemed to get even worse. She may not have much of a political future, but I hope the Meyer administration has a long run.

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