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This Weeks Full Moon in Scorpio and Horoscope for May 12-May 19, 2014

This week the Moon is growing fuller and there’s always that chance for some lunar madness to erupt unexpectedly as the Full Moon grows to full in the stubborn and fixed sign of Scorpio. If you are born on the 14th, 15th or 16th of any month this Full Moon could be super potent for you. The sign of Scorpio can be cathartic, healing, purifying, cleansing, liberating, and intense all at once; not that any of us jump to be purified, or liberated. It could bring up issues about power, money, joint finances, custody, or divorce, abuse. It makes you face that which you dread, but in the end overcome it.
Looking back, this Full Moon could bring some things to a conclusion and some things closer to fruition, realization or fulfilment. The Full Moon culminates at 23° 55’ Scorpio the degree where Saturn went retrograde on March 2nd, shortly after March’s New Moon in Pisces. Remember, New Moons start cycles; Full Moons take as closer to completing cycles. Events that took place during that time; Russia approved troops to enter Crimea and on March 7th Malaysian Flight 307 lost contact with 239 people on board. We might not see things completed or fulfilled until October 2014 when Saturn will take its 3rd and final pass through 23° and there will be a New Moon Eclipse at 0° Scorpio indicating a new direction or new turn of events. for your individual horoscope visit or listen to my Daily horoscopes on iheartradio Talk

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