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This weekend: Kansas performs Symphonic Rock: Guests Arc & Stone at Schermerhorn

Nashville Symphony Chorus has been celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and as the finale of a very special season, the Chorus performed with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra this weekend in an evening of mind blowingly lovely music as they brilliantly played Brahms' Requiem.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center's classic courtyard

This one had me at the first note as the evening began with Leonard Bernstein's Chichester Psalms. I'm such a sucker for soft, flowing, soul-filling music and this one, performed during the first half of the night, was just that, music that worked its way into your ears, down to your heart and spread like the warmth of a hearty sip of good bourbon, right into the core of your being. What's interesting about Chichester Psalms is that it is just that, Psalms, and I'm not usually much inclined towards religious music, and didn't even watch the screen as it translated the words for us, but just sat back and let the music do its magic. And that's what it did. It made the world melt away, my mind go into a “happy place” and my breathing slow down to an almost meditative state. Psalm 108:2, Psalm 100 felt to me like a bubbly little Christmas song, giving me that feeling that you get during the holidays, happy, festive and more relaxed than normal (unless you are shopping, then all the stress magically appears.)

The absolute best part of the night for me was when handsome, young Nolan Harvel, boy soprano and winner of the grades 5-8 2014 Thor Johnson Scholarship Wild Card First Place honor performed with the Symphony and Chorus on the Psalms. I'm sure for this young man, the honor of performing with our Symphony on such a gorgeous, soulful piece was at least just as good as the $300 scholarship he received. And he does have a voice of an angel, with his high notes floating to the top of the ceiling of the symphony hall, floating down to linger among us and sounding soft, innocent and so profound for a human being so young and tender. Kudos to that young guy, really.

Now here's what I really love; following that oh-so-classic Brahms' Requiem performance is a night of The Music of Pink Floyd performed by the Nashville Symphony. I love that our symphony is so diverse always having something YOU will love, no matter who you may be. Unfortunately, the Pink Floyd event is sold out for a one night only occasion tomorrow night (June 3, 7:30 pm 2014.) And even more unfortunate is the fact that I can't attend because I'll be at War Horse opening night at TPAC. (Which I'm also super excited about. P.S. I get a preview look tomorrow morning, stay tuned for my article!)

BUT, you can pretty much depend on me being at the Kansas Special Event Friday evening (June 6). I mean, really, Kansas' symphonic rock at the most graceful of Nashville venues? It can't get much better than a leisurely walk across the pedestrian bridge that gives the most incredible views of the city, delicious wine, groovy gourmet treats, a breathtaking setting and celebrating the 40th year as a band (as of 2013) with Kansas, can it? Here's the good news, this one isn't sold out YET, so pick up your tickets at now.

And a special heads-up for you: The Nashville Sympony is celebrating summer with a big screen viewing of The Wizard of Oz (June 13) while you and the younguns sit back in your cozy seats and the Symphony plays the full score of the movie live! I cannot wait. These movie events are one of my very favorite summer treats. Last year, we got to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame and it was so much fun. Look out for more movie events this summer at the Schermerhorn. Check out the calendar of events at – and remember, it ain't just classical music at the Schermerhorn – so sign up for their newsletter – or you just might miss your favorite band, movie or act of all times.

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