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This Week in Wrestling!

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A lot has happened this week so lets jump right into it.

  • Daniel Bryan-- If you don't know by now (you will never,ever, ever know....sorry) Daniel Bryan has been stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight title. He will not be cleared by the Money in the Bank Pay Per by the doctors (for real, not a script).This doesnt worry me as much as him rushing back too soon. I need Bryan to be healed and rested and ready for SummerSlam and the end of the year more than I need him to come back and re-injure himself. The title will be decided by the Money In the Bank match!
  • WWE-Cuts-- Drew McIntyre ("the chosen one"), Curt Hawkins (one of the Edge guys), Evan Bourne (peace sign), Aksana (mmm), Jinder Mahal, Brodus Clay (somebody call his mama), Yoshi Tatsu (beating up Batista didn't help him), Camacho (Haku's son), JTG, Referee Marc Harris and Theodore Long (should be in Hall of Fame) were all released by the WWE this past week. McIntyre and Mahal were getting regular TV time with 3MB but we didn't see much. Brodus Clay was a disappointment to me because they turned him and put him on NXT and then nothing. He could have been so much better but when the writers fail, apparently you fail. I been saying for years that JTG is talented enough to breakout as a singles star (because thats who i like, the talented ones). WWE writers really dropped the ball on all of these guys, besides Bourne, who has been hurt. People always say "not everyone can be main eventers", but look at some of the champions in wrestling lately. Justin Hawk Bradshaw (JBL), one of the Dudley's, even Daniel Bryan is still publicly stated as being a B+ player. And you can't tell me that there hasn't been some awful world champions. I think it would make sense as a company to get the most out of all of your talents, not just rely on a few.
  • TNA- I was being fair and gave TNA 4 minutes of my time last week. I turned it on and Mike Tenay was talking (strike one), then it went to some goof balls in the ring dancing and one was a DJ (strike two) and then a clown comes out. The cut scenes are terrible enough but come on now. Not everything the E gives us is gold, but I just don't what TNA is doing. Not even the former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (Rebel) can keep my attention. It turned into an awkward brawl in the ring before the clown people threw out the DJ People. Some of my favorite wrestlers have gone to TNA over the years and I couldn't bring myself to watch it then (you remember how awful RVD's theme was there) and I can't do it now. Please, please, please ROH, get better so someone can give WWE some competition. Jim Ross says this quite often on his podcast (and that's a segue folks).
  • Podcasts-- Right now has a few podcasts that are just fantastic. I listen to Chris Jericho's Wednesday and Friday and Jim Ross' every Tuesday. Jim Ross is one of the greatest people in Wrestling ever (only been listening to him since the very early 90s) and I love what he brings to his podcast. He dives deep into history with his guests and even comments on the current product. I could listen to JR and whoever his guest is that week talk about the history of the business and their start all day. And then there is JERICHO! The pod of thunder...and rock n roll! He's a busy man and he takes time out on his tour with Fozzy to do two podcasts a week (or at least release them). He's been the most entertaining wrestler over the last few years and his podcast is no different. He mixes his love of music with wrestling and gets guests of all different walks of life within both of his occupations. And if you haven't heard his cowbell intro....well you are in for a treat! Steve Austin has a clean and un-rated podcast on there and recently Goldberg has started his (His success is all thanks to wrestling but he has a "I'll deal with it" attitude, no thank you).

Stay classy, follow the buzzards and I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!

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