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This week in softball (TWIS Notes) weekend of June 6-8-Pointe-Claire style

Pointe-Claire Royals
Pointe-Claire Royals
Cathy Nickson

It’s 7:30 pm on Friday June 6, 2014, and clusters of The Pointe-Claire Royals are getting re-acquainting in the stands after a long winter.

Entering their 8th year of service, the home tournament would prove to be a challenge with added teams and talent.

The opening challenge was Cote St-Luc with an 8:40pm start time.

Aruna Bhojwani (Ru) propelled the offense with a 2/4 performance including two singles, two runs scored and two driven in. Nancy Purdon, Dianne Beaudry (BO), Kathleen O’Reilly (Kat), and Kristel Jackson (KJ) each had a pair of hits with eight singles, three runs scored and four driven in.

The nucleus of the team over the years has been its defense, which was on full display.

Catherine So showcased her defensive prowess as she was involved in seven putouts. In fact, the infield was responsible for 14 kills. Bo led the outfield forces with three outs.

The entire team allowed a total of eight hits; six singles, a double, and a triple.

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Royals win 10-4

Game time: 1h11m

Our Saturday morning encounter was against the returning squad of Two Mountains after a six year absence.

Kat took this game and ran with it. Her 3/4 performance included two singles, a triple, a run scored and four runs batted in (R.B.I.). Leanne Hillier (Little Gloria), Colette Prieur (Co), and Bo each cashed in a couple of hits, three runs scored and an R.B.I.

Gloria Cheal (Glo) has game, as she flashed the leather on eight defensive opportunities from 1st base. The team allowed 14 hits, including 11 singles, a double, a triple, and a home run. Two outs were made in the outfield, a fly ball to center in the 4th, and a fly ball to right field in the 5th.

We score two runs in the 5th inning to take it 11-10 in this abbreviated contest.

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Royals win 11-10
Game time: 1h19m

Our Saturday afternoon challenge came against The Shamrocks.

It is important to note the presence of Cathy Nickson. Her 2/5 performance incorporated a double, a triple, two runs scored, and 5 R.B.I’s. Great performances from Mary Norman, Leanne, Aruna, Kat, Bo, and Co, who collected 15 hits, 11 singles, 3 doubles, a triple, 11 runs scored and 11 driven in. Yes, 11’s were wild!

Defense, you ask? 15 singles, a double, and a home run. Part of this masterpiece was a 9-3-8 DOA at 2nd base and a well executed 3-5-6 putout in the 5th. Our opposition rallied in the 7th with four runs but came up well short.

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Royals win 18-7
Game time: 1h21m

Our round robin results solidified 2nd place and a return match with Cote St Luc Sunday afternoon with a 12:40 start time.

We have grown accustomed to Co’s excellence of execution on the mound the past eight years. What must be appreciated are her offensive contributions. Co grabbed this game with a 4/5 box score, three singles, four runs scored, and three R.B.I.’s. Leanne, Glo and Bo, also collected four hits, while Purdon, Ru, Kat, So, and Mary all had three hits.

This game was over after one inning when we scored seven runs after their lead off home run. CSL never recovered as we went on to score nine in the 2nd.

The defense permitted 11 hits, nine singles, and a homer. Ru, Bo, Cathy, Lee, and KJ were responsible for eight outs.

A classic image was Bo who appeared to be reading the Saturday morning news as she headed to her position in the 6th inning. A three converted touchdown lead can do that.

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Royals win 25-4
Game time: 1h25m

Our efforts put us in the finals against Kirkland with a 4pm scheduled start time.

Joey’s mom had it going on for this one. Ru went 4/4, three singles, dialed long distance, three runs scored, and three R.B.I.’s. Cathy contributed three hits while Lee, Purdon, So, and Bo each a pair of hits.

As was the case all weekend, the defense was awe-inspiring. It allowed eight singles, with no extra base hits. Three up, Three down in the 2nd, and 4th inning. The sole blemish was a 6th inning run, when they pieced together three singles.

Salut! Bonjour! Elvis has left the building!

Pointe-Claire Royals claim the 2014 Pointe-Claire ladies softball tournament.

Final score: 9-1
Game time: 1h8m

Extra Mustard

This year’s tournament incorporated new teams with increased talent and ability. It was a nice opportunity of challenging yourselves. The strength of The Royals is its continuity. You will be hard pressed to find any team with this much experience from its original roster in 2007. You understand your strengths and you work on your weaknesses. How you prepare for each match-up teaches other teams that preparation are key components in giving that extra edge. It’s a really nice feeling when you have that affect on your friends.

Congrats Royals! You deserve every accolade.

Til we meet again,

Have fun, stay young, drink lots of beer, and speak highly of me.

Coach Jimmy
Proud Royal

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