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This week in softball (TWIS Notes) week ending July 26, 2014

Sue Cannon-Forever Rocket
Carolyn Nini

Our opening contest had us against Wild Willy in early Monday night showdown.
We are witnessing a marvellous transformation in Katie as she continues to grasp the team concept, while elevating her play. On offense, she chipped in with an opening three run homer, a triple in the 3rd, and a double in the 5th.
Sylvie, Purdon, Rozon, Tracey, and Isabelle all had multiple hit games in generating 21 hits to our cause.
Our defense was mint. Sylvie set the tone in the first in flagging two outs after a couple of runners reached base.
Purdon, Rozon, and Katie were active as they combined 11 putouts, including three gems; a 10-3 out in the 2nd; a 6-4 out in the 6th; and a P6 Twin kill in the 7th.
Patiently, we issued timely hitting, and fundamental defense allowed us to play our most solid game since last week! 
Salut! Bonjour! Elvis has left the building!
Rockets win 12-3
Game time: 1h26m
Girlfriend of the game: Isabelle
A standing O to Isabelle, who provided a 5 star snack night, along with some of the best Caesars in the league. I was ready to have Jimmy Buffet climb out of the woods strumming his six string!
Christiane was on top of the world when we took on Yazoo in the late Thursday time slot.
She had a four single performance and a run driven in. Purdon had three hits, and two runs scored; while Katie Clutch punctured the night with a GRAND SLAM in the 5th inning.
Our defense was up to task of shutting down a potent offense. We allowed 16 hits, 14 of them of the single variety. The plays of significance in this gem were Sylvie’s running catch in RF in the 3rd inning; and back/back double plays in the 5th and 6th innings.
The level of ball, league wide, has vastly improved the past month, and this game is a prime example. We held the lead 8-7 going to the bottom of the 7th. Our opposition received key hits which allowed them to take it 9-8 in another excellent game.
Game time: 1h16m
Girlfriend of the game: Christiane
Coach’s Corner
The month of July produced very strong results both on and off the field. Your character and energy shines through in elevating one another. This strength is recognized league wide, and is the biggest compliment a team can receive.
The road ahead has us in action Thursday and Friday. MIA-Christiane, Sylvie (Thursday), Gina. Please advise Lovey if anyone is missing.
Rockets in the community
Ah, we are now six days until our annual bbq. Chef Rob Reside has been talking to your coach on a daily basis, looking forward in honoring this wonderful team.
I spoke with GOD. He is offering up 25 degree weather for our day. (I really like this guy!). Please feel free to include your family, and friends. The more the merrier and what memories will be created.
We always need ice, and I suggest bringing lawn chairs.
My home is your home, so please enjoy the day.
Til we meet again,
Have fun, stay young, drink lots of beer, and speak highly of me!
Coach Jimmy
Proud Rocket

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