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This week in softball (Twis Notes), week ending July 19,2014

Sue Cannon-Forever Rocket
Jim Morrison

This past week proved to be the busiest of the season as we had three games on tap.

Our first encounter came against the hard hitting team of Delibee Monday night.

Katie lead the offense with a five hit performance, two singles, three doubles, four runs scored and two driven in.Sylvie chipped in with four singles, while our two Nancy's had three hits each.

Our defence was up to the task of taming their offense. 70% of the damage was done in the 4th and 5th innings.

"Hey coach, weren't we down 12-4 after 5? I still can't believe what happened!"...well, grab my hand, and walk down memory lane, shall we?

Super spares Denise and Sue Rack reach base. Sylvie singles in Denise. 12-5. Purdon singles in Sue, 12-6. Katie Clutch doubles in Sylvie and Purdon. 12-8. Rozon singles in Katie, 12-9. Ines and Christiane reach base on singles. Lovey singles them in for a 12-11 score. Game on!!!

We hold of Delibee in the 7th for our heroics in the last of the 7th.

Two down when the team asked for it and got it! PURDON dials long distance to deep center to tie us at 12-12. Katie Clutch follows up with a double setting the stage for Rozon, who cool as a cucumber delivers a key hit to right field delivering Katie for the winning score.

Sault! Bonjour! Elvis has left the building!

Rockets win 13-12.
Game time: 1h46m
Girlfriend of the game: Rozon

This game featured everything which is good and great about this team. Our defense came up big when it had to as three significant plays set up the 7th inning drama.
The 6th inning had Sue Rack gunning ball to Rozon to Purdon to get the out at 2nd saving a run. The 7th inning had Katie slinging the ball to Rozon at 2nd to save a run. We witnessed Purdon rifling the ball to Izzy at catcher to nail the runner to polish off inning.

Character trumps talent all the time.

Our follow-up game came against RLS, Wednesday at Bourgeau park.

Our offense was as dry as Mother Teresa's liquor cabinet. We mustered up seven singles which is not nearly enough in gaining momentum.

Our defense played very well. Other then the 3rd inning when we allowed six runs, we held together strongly.

A very well played game where outs were recorded as they should saw us go down 10-4 in a 63 minute rapid fashion.
Our mid summer vacation schedule caught up with us for our third test of the week Friday against Spiros.

We welcomed the return of Gina who promptly collected three singles. Purdon and Katie continued their hot hands by also slamming three hits a piece.

Our defense shone. We got off to a slow start by allowing five runs in the 1st, but settled in nicely after that time period.

Our lack of depth cost us on this one. We have players who performed hurt, and played to the best of their abilities. It is truly appreciated by the coach, but far more inspirational to the team.

We go on to lose a tough one as we fought to the end.

Game time: 1h15m
Girlfriend of the game: T-mobile

The road ahead has us with early Monday action and late Thursday. Let's get back to our winning ways.

Monster news
"Hey girls, it's me, Monster, the bid RED cooler that you go down on every game! :) well I want to tell you that it has been an excellent summer to date. I have $285.00 cash plus $125.00 worth of inventory for a total of $510.00. Wow, you will have such fun with the slush fund!!!

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Two weeks before the annual bbq and here's what we got!

Management: smoked turkey and chili
Christiane: salade aux chou
Tracey: macaroni salad
Lovey: Rocket cake
Purdon: Kick ass wheels of cheese

We can always use lots of ice. Bring your lawn chairs, appetites, and drinking shoes!!! My home is your home!!!
Starting to sound like a party!!!

Til we meet again,

Have fun, stay young, drink lots of beer, and speak highly of me!

Coach Jimmy
Proud Rocket

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