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This week in softball (TWIS Notes) week ending August 2, 2014

Sue Cannon-Forever Rocket
Carolyn Nini

Softball is a game. Efforts on the field, successful or not, should not take precedence over the health of one of our own or that of our families. We wish Lisa’s father a speedy recovery, and understand that the Rocket nation is behind you, Desouza!
Speaking of which, isn’t it nice to have Lisa back in the line-up? She had two singles, dialed long distance, scoring once and driving in four. Dumoulin, Katie, Rozon, all had three hit games as we peppered 21 hits in six innings.
Our defense fed off our offensive display. Our Fab Four of Allaire, Dumoulin, Katie, and Ines contributed eight outs including four assists. No need to look further then a heads up 6-10 put out in the 6th inning.
The sense of the outcome of this contest came after building an 8-1 lead after two innings. Carline battled hard, but our engagement was too much for them to overcome!
Salut! Bonjour! Elvis has left the building!
Rockets win 13-7
Game time: 1h25m
Girlfriend of the game: Lisa! Lisa! Lisa!
Isn’t it fun to play with 11 players?
Katie files
“Man, this year is the worse for injuries! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fatal ones!”
We next had a Friday Night Lights showdown with RLS with standings tightening up for both sides.
We must always appreciate the kind of player we have in Purdon. She grabbed this game, and ran with it, literally. She had a single, a double, went yard, scoring twice and drove in two. Rozon, Katie, and Sylvie Allaire all had multiple hit games backing a 16 hit attack.
Our defense was MINT! After allowing an opening homerun, we allowed 11 hits, all singles. A couple of highlights were Rozon’s twin kill in the 4th, and a 10-3 out at first. Gina had her best defensive game of the year, as she was all over 1st base like a Canadian Tire tent!
Lovey needs a standing “O” for her continued excellent work from the mound. She gives us a chance to win, and she is feeding off our defensive prowess in so doing.
This was our finest game .since last week.  We stifled a very good team in a fast paced game similar to our last test with RLS at Bourgeau
Salut! Bonjour! Elvis has left the building!
Rockets win 9-3
Game time: 1h8m
Our results of the week have us in the conversation for top billing in the league. There is much work to be done, but congratulations to all of you for putting team first. It shows in your play, your conduct, and your success.
The road ahead is a busy one with late game Monday, Wednesday 6:30 start at Bourgeau, and Thursday. I believe we have a full squad. The team is planning on visiting Cunningham’s after our Wednesday encounter in shedding the Girlfriend of the game gift certificates.
Coach’s Corner
The annual Rocket bbq came and went Saturday with a whole lot of laughter, great food, and a few stingers too!
Events like Saturday require special people. Rob has been a good friend for years, and a debt of gratitude thrown his way for taking the day in preparing a dish that is reserved specifically for the Rockets on an annual basis.
You should also reserve pats on the back for bringing amazing appetizers, main dishes, dessert, and did I mention Stingers? 
On a personal note, I was able to show a glimpse of my personal life, and I thank-you all for sharing one of my most important days of the year. It is a pleasure in bringing together my friends, who inspire me on a 12 month basis.
I have a few Tupperware which I will bring tomorrow.
Til we meet again,
Have fun, stay young, drink lots of beer, and speak highly of me!
Coach Jimmy
Proud Rocket

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