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This week in softball (TWIS notes) ending May 31 , 2014

??? We are getting Twis Notes on a Tuesday. Yeah baby! Grab my hand and let’s take a ride….

Our array of stars to date!
Sue Cannon
Sur le monticle avec Sue Cannon
Jim Morrison

It was a fair bet to Double Down on DeSouza for our encounter against Wild Willy’s Monday evening.

All Lisa did was go 5/5 at the dish, with four singles, a double, two runs scored, and three driven in.

We also have to appreciate Lisa taking ownership of the hot corner. She is more at ease at 3rd base with every passing inning, combining her glove and her wing, in solidifying an imposing infield.

We also applaud the work of Kizz (ie) Richardson, who has become a continuous threat at the plate due to her discipline. She is seven for her last nine AB’s with five singles, two doubles, three runs scored, and two driven in.

Our defense flowed as smooth as silk. We allowed three runs through five innings. How effective were we? I am glad you asked!

Christian made the sole outfield put-out in the opening frame. Nancy Rozon was in on 11 outs from the keystone sack; while Lovey fanned a pair of batters.

This game proves the importance of great character. You play hard, you play fair, and good things will follow.

Salut! Bonjour! Elvis has left the building!

Rockets win 18-10

Game time: 1h39m
Girlfriend of the game: Double down with DeSouza

Lisa also serves a wicked snack night…right Katie? “

“I ate the whole middle row of that pizza! I am serious! So good. Oops, dropped the cookies, gotta put them back in the box”

Ladies and gents, good luck to all of you in the tournament this weekend. Let’s make P.C. proud, and bring that Rocket pride to the field.

That’s it for me. See you all next Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

MIA Friday; Rozon

Til we meet again,

Have fun, stay young, drink lots of beer, and speak highly of me.

Coach Jimmy
Proud Rocket

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