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This Week in Softball (TWIS Notes) 2014 Opening words

Sue Cannon
Carolyn Nini

Softball is a great game. I believe in competition and camaraderie.

I believe in brackets, bubble gum, and bang-bang plays.

I believe that attendance and preparation win games.

It’s a game within a game filled with intrigue, and often a metaphor for life.

None of this matters when the health of one of our own is at stake.

Our friend, Sue Cannon, is everything that is good and grand in this world. She has touched hundreds of us through her association with Pointe-Claire ladies softball the past 20+ years.

Our friend is fighting a big challenge. She is strong and vibrant who will face every obstacle put in front of her with great determination.

Sue, you have the entire Rocket nation behind you. We are here to support you, and we welcome to help you in anyway you wish.

Sue, the 2014 Rocket season will be dedicated to you. You have graced us with your companionship, so it is natural that we return the favor.

You are our honorary coach, and captain, and you will be part of our team moving forward with the season.

It is time to meet the men behind the scenes.

Jim Beauchamp

Jim is now in his 10th year of sponsoring The Rockets. He established the Cunningham’s brand a decade ago. The pub, named after his grandmother quickly established itself in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. Expansion in Hudson occurred a couple of years ago, and by the end of June, an outlet in Huntington will up and running. There are very few people who devote as much to community spirit and involvement as Jim.

Robert “Grand Master Chef” Reside
My association with Rob dates back to my early days at Club South West One squash in the early 1990’s.

His association with the Rockets began in the 2007 campaign. He was beamed in the forehead on the first practice of the season and retired from coaching.

Rob is a culinary GOD. His preparation of smoked turkeys for our annual bbq should have The Food Network knocking on our doors. We welcome Rob back for season 8, and he will wow us again on Saturday August 2.

My coaching philosophy is simple. We have fun, we play hard, and we play with respect for one another, the team, and the league. We are all important to the great fun that lies ahead of us, and it is my job to maximize the above ingredients.

Ladies and Gents,

Til we meet again,

Have fun, stay young, drink lots of beer, and speak highly of me!

Coach Jimmy
Proud Rocket

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