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This week in Saint Louis music news: 8/13/14

Clockwork has started an Indiegogo campaign to fund their new full-length album. The crowdfunding effort has thirty-five days to raise enough money for the band to record and release another studio release. The Saint Louis band is asking for $10k – enough to help cover the costs of renting studio space, producers, engineers, and pressing CDs among other minutiae involved in making an album into reality.

After years of being an unsigned act, garage rock band Bruiser Queen has been signed to Boxing Clever Records. With this new record label, Bruiser Queen will be releasing the sophomore album Sweet Static. The band will be celebrating this news with a live show/CD release concert at Off Broadway on October 3. “Tiny Heart Attack”, the first single from the new album, is already available to listen at the band's SoundCloud page.

Tidal Volume's membership has grown from four to five. Via Facebook, the band has welcomed member Chris Jansson into their ranks as an official part of Tidal Volume. Jansson had been playing guitar and performing as a vocalist during the band's live shows since March of this year. He also played the trombone on the “Icing” single which dropped recently online. His first live show as a member of Tidal Volume comes on October 9 at the Blue Note.

Brookroyal's Facebook page has a sneak peek of the band's new music, still in production. The “prepro” video – aka preproduction – was uploaded this weekend. The video includes a short sample of a new, unreleased Brookroyal song. Music nerds will be excited to see how the band's music looks in its digital, bare bones form, still being put together in what looks like either Audacity or Garageband or a similar program.

In recent live performances, Amy Black brought her modern Americana to independent music radio KDHX with her live set at the station. Meanwhile, the Riverfront Times has posted their picks of the best upcoming STL noise/experimental concerts of August, complete with sample tracks of the bands who will be performing.

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