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This week's new release recommendations

The Social Network

The relevance and power of Facebook come full circle in this David Fincher offering that examines the short but oh so influential life Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and current CEO of the global phenomenon. By most accounts, one of the best—and most important—movies of 2010.

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Let Me In

This remake of the Swedish film which was an adaptation of the novel Let the Right One In is a drama/horror piece that tells of a young boy who befriends a vampire in a small New Mexico town. Unlike that other popular undead saga, this looks to be a more profound and slightly edgy look at bonds that cross life and myth. Chloe Moretz (of Kick-Ass fame) stars as the young vampire; Kodi Smit-McPhee is the human boy she becomes entangled with.

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Case 39

A strange and slightly disturbing looking thriller that finds a disillusioned social worker (Renee Zellweger) investigating what appears to be a family that is severely abusing their young daughter…only to find out that it is the child who the real (and possibly demonic) problem. Released overseas last year, this one’s delayed U.S. premiere will hopefully be worth the wait.

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Barry Munday

Patrick Wilson stars as the title character, a womanizer whose seemingly charmed life takes a turn upside down when a freak accident leaves the once wild-man emasculated; to make things worse, one of his past one-night flings returns to the scene claiming that Barry is the father of her in-utero child. A dark comedy that has the potential to also be a touching look at relationships gone wrong… and then right again.

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Partir (Leaving)

A French film that presents the blasé life of a successful housewife and mother (Kristen Scott Thomas) who falls in love with the carpenter who is helping to remodel her family’s home. When the adulteress’ husband finds out, he gives her the choice of leaving her new lover—or leaving the home and not coming back; after choosing the latter option, it quickly becomes clear that the disgraced woman may not be able to live up to the consequences of her actions.

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In this indie picture, a man who has been estranged from his brother for some years awkwardly agrees to reunite for the former’s wedding; as the siblings spend time together, the prodigal’s deep feelings for a long-lost elementary school love come out and the brothers decide to go on a road trip to find her. As the engaged half of the duo begins to behave badly while away from his fiancée, the other starts wondering why he came back.

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Chain Letter

A preposterous and absolutely corny-looking slasher flick that supposes upon a series of text-message chain letters that, once not forwarded by its recipients, warrant death and dismemberment for all involved. Need I say anymore?

Skip It!!

Cash Crop

A documentary that focuses on the many northern California marijuana farms, and how this illegal and yet staple part of that state’s economy is causing quite a stir. As per the currently raging debate as to whether legalizing weed would be beneficial or not, this one presents what will hopefully be a balanced and objective look at this hot-button and, ultimately, current west coast society-defining issue.

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Based on the ‘freakishly’ best-selling book of the same name by economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner, this film presents, like its bound-paper counterpart, a quirky and ultra-enlightened look at pop culture, financial matters, and how the two are often very much intertwined—even to the extent that most of society doesn’t even realize how deep the rabbit hole goes.

A completely relevant movie that should be on everyone’s See It!! list.

Nine Nation Animation

A collection of short films presented by the paradigm shifting website The World According to Shorts, this artsy and fun compilation likely has something that any one of us will be interested in and/or be blown away by. Another great and unique offering that makes wanting to See It!! a no-brainer.


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