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This week's new release recommendations


Disney’s latest inspirational-sports-drama comes in the form of this retelling of the ‘impossible’ story of the namesake racehorse who captured a nation’s heart on the way to winning the 1973 Triple Crown. Ever since Seabiscuit proved that a movie about this sport can indeed be popular and even moving, many have been waiting for a follow-up; this one is likely to not disappoint.

See It!!

Life As We Know It

Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl star as love-hate friends who unexpectedly become the joint caregivers of the young baby of a mutually beloved deceased couple; a dramedy that should be fittingly hilarious and sentimental in its presentation of unplanned parenthood.

Rent It!!

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

When a teenage boy commits himself to a psychiatric hospital because of depression, the antics and friendships are sure to come in equal measure as the young man meets his fellow ‘patients’ and become enmeshed in their zany lives; Keir Gilchrist and Zack Galifianaksis star in what looks to be a darkly funny take on the downsides of life.

See It!!


Robert De Niro is a prison psychiatrist with two weeks left until retirement who meets Edward Norton’s character—a hardened con who just also happens to be up for parole within a fortnight. When the good doctor begins to lean towards not granting the thug his freedom, the latter’s wife (Milla Jovovich) tries to ‘convince’ the former otherwise; a tense and insurmountable crossroads ensues.

One of this year’s possible Oscar contenders; therefore a must See It!!

My Soul To Take

Another ludicrous Wes Craven ‘nightmare’ about a psycho killer who returns from death to hunt down the six teenagers in a small town who were born on the same day he died; sound familiar to anyone else?

Skip It!!

I Spit On Your Grave

A remake of the heavily controversial 1978 film of the same name that was banned in many countries due to its horrendously graphic depictions of rape and other base sexual acts. The story is about a young woman who becomes the victim of a night-long gang rape by a group of four men and is afterwards left for dead; she instead survives and comes back seeking life-vengeance on her attackers.

Possibly (albeit very slightly) relevant, so Rent It!! with caution

Inside Job

A heavily subjective documentary that focuses on the many problems—both perpetuated and newly caused—by the government bailouts surrounding the 2008 financial crisis. Hailed by critics the globe around as a visionary effort by director Charles H. Ferguson to tell the real truth behind about said global financial meltdown, this one is thus an important See It!! ASAP.

It’s A Wonderful Afterlife

The filmmakers behind Bend It Like Beckham return with another slightly quirky and warm romance tale, although this current picture has an interesting twist: the main characters meet at a speed-dating event…all because the woman’s mother is getting her matchmaking tips from long-deceased relatives.

Should be a great date-night-in Rent It!!


A dually prophetic and disturbingly strange film that supposes on a near future where people custom order their unborn children with all of the traits and physical pluses they want; when a depressed widower decides to fulfill his dead wife’s wishes and ‘create’ the ‘perfect son,’ things don’t go quite as planned.

Rent It!!

Nowhere Boy

This dramatized re-telling of the early, pre-Beatles, life of John Lennon has already garnered massive praise both for its story and for the acting of Aaron Johnson (recognizable to American audiences for his lead role in Kick-Ass), who apparently nails popular music’s now-demigod to the core.

See It!!

Tamara Drewe

A risqué-comedy fable that supposes upon a secluded English countryside where stumped writers retreat to in order to find inspiration; when that ‘muse’ surprisingly comes in the form of a young and frisky new resident (Gemma Arterton) of the area, men of various ages and dispositions all want their shot.

Rent It!!


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