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This week's new release recommendations


Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich star as a group of 'retired and extremely dangerous' CIA agents who are double crossed by their former bosses and become the hunted members of a large scale plot… thus, your typical spy/actioner that should be fun, high-flying, and hopefully also good.

See It!!


A powerful drama, based on a true story, that tells of a young woman (Hillary Swank) who devotes her life to freeing her wrongfully accused brother (Sam Rockwell) from the life sentence he was received for a murder conviction. With a story like this, combined the star power of Swank, Rockwell, and others, this one is a no brainer.

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Down Terrace

A British crime-family drama that also looks to have a few quirky and funny points injected as well; called by several critics "the English, big-screen rendition of The Sopranos," this should be an entertaining film for crime-saga lovers; for the rest of us, a great Rent It!!

King of Paper Chasin'

A big city drug and crime lord decides to go legit as a businessman and music producer--but his former crew will have none of it; as the FBI also begins to close in on our hero's past exploits, the noose tightens and lives hang in the balance.

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This TV min-series turned big screen epic follows the life and exploits of the infamous 'Carlos the Jackal,' the Venezuelan terrorist who rose to power and fame in the 1970s. What started out a short biopic for French television, the finished product clocks in a over 5 hours. Due to legal action currently being brought against the film and its makers by the real life Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, this one may or not ever get a wide release.

Whether through on-demand or home media, Rent It!! upon availability.

The Four-Faced Liar

The tagline for this one says "A comedy about drama;" with a story that tells of a man and his girlfriend who is also with another man who is also with another girl who is also with another girl, I'd say so! Should be an interesting, if not also deprived, look at [broken] human relationships.

Rent It!!


Idris Elba stars as a former commando who is now holed up in a Brooklyn apartment, dually spending him watching his shyster brother rise through the American political system and also plotting a diabolical deed of his own; looks to be a well-made and intelligent thriller.

See It!!

Aus dem Leben der Hildegard von Bingen (Vision)

This German-made biopic examines the controversial but ultimately triumphant life of Hildegard of Bingen, a 12thcentury Benedictine nun whose intellect and various artistic and philosophical pursuits--along with the obvious fact that she was an empower woman--made her dangerous in the eyes of the Church.

An excellent and worthy historical drama that is a sure fire See It!!

I Want Your Money

The latest in a series of 'battle' documentaries that continually target specific politicians and their cohorts as the main culprits behind our country's current financial situation. Those being roasted this time? Correct, the current administration! As ridiculous as this proliferation of the elephant said the donkey said bash fests is becoming, there will hopefully also be some relevant and at least partially objective information contained there in.

Rent It!!

Carmo, Hit the Road

A Spanish road dramedy that follows a young woman on a cross-country trip; as she picks up and gets involved with a whole variety of characters--including a gangster, a gambling addict, and a paraplegic--the plot thickens and interesting shenanigans are sure to follow.

Rent It!!

Jackass 3D

The idiocy reaches a new stratosphere of trying to still be cool even though the ship sailed a decade ago… and this time in eye popping 3D!! Apparently the losers behind this series--along with the Hollywood morons who green-light such crap--know no shame. The worst part of it all, though? This will probably be the top grossing movie of the weekend… wow.

Skip It!!


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