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This week's new release recommendations


In what looks to be a severe Independence Day rip-off—though lacking in the star-power and solid plot of said blockbuster—this current alien invasion flick has the chance to be really cool... but probably won’t be; therefore let’s Skip It!!


Denzel Washington and Chris Pine are train conductors who meet a new challenge entirely when an unmanned, speeding head-long into a city train is encountered and must be stopped. From Tony Scott, director of other such Denzel actioners like Déjà Vu and Man on Fire, this one is this weekend’s only for sure See It!!

Morning Glory

Starring Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton as feuding co-hosts of a popular morning newscast, along with Rachel McAdams as the show producer tasked with making the two stars play nice, this comedy will be a good date movie for some but a better Rent It!! for most.

Tiny Furniture

An indie dramedy about a young woman who moves home after college while job hunting…only to find her mother and sister at each other’s throats, her friends all either moved on or pre-occupied, and now also forced to confront her own drawn-out singleness.

Rent It!!

Cool It

The big screen translation of Danish political scientist Bjorn Lomborg’s highly controversial book of the same name, this documentary focuses on what Lomborg believes to be a very faulty attitude towards and plans for global warming by society at large; while a strong advocate for environmentalism in general, this author/filmmaker suggests that more concrete and less panic-induced methods for conservation and reform are available.

A vitally relevant and refreshing See It!!


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