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This week's new release recommendations

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
"The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

Without a doubt, Christopher Nolan’s newest film is the most worthy and anticipated of this year so far… there is literally no reason to not head to the theater to see Leonardo DiCaprio head up an all-star cast in this psychological thriller about mind control and invasion that will challenge viewers’ perception of what real actually is.

"Inception" Theatrical Release Poster
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

See It! See It! See It!!

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Apparently Disney is so hard up for ideas that they somehow rationalized this live-action ‘adaptation’ of the classic Fantasia short about Mickey and the dancing brooms… umm, yeah. So too, one wonder’s what kind of financial trouble/life crisis Nicholas Cage is currently having, given this and some of the other roles he’s accepted as of late.

Skip It!!

Standing Ovation
Tweenie-bopper culture has come full circle with this, a hip musical extravaganza that looks to be a chaotic mash up of [Junior] High School Musical/Glee/American Idol/Step Up… unless you personally believe that risqué dancing, endless songs and choreography, and over-caffeinated minors all go well together, Skip It!!

Tere Bin Laden
When a gifted Pakistani journalist is repeatedly denied a visa to travel to and work in the U.S., he and his crew decide to get ‘creative’ with some costumes and cameras; the result? A new wave of panic sweeping the world as ‘Bin Laden’ promises further and swift acts of mass terrorism. A relevant and completely tongue-in-cheek comedy that will make for a great laugh when you Rent It!!

A 2008 Irish film (yep, just now hitting our pathetic silver-screen shores…) that tells the story of two young friends—a boy and girl—who, being disenfranchised with their respective violent home environments, run away together and vow to live a fun and care-free life while slumming it around Dublin. This is one of those heartbreakingly powerful films that also has the magic touch of a fairy tale that captures the sheer joy and innocence of childhood just as it is about to end.

A definite Rent It!! (due only to a very limited theatrical run)

Valhalla Rising
This dark and graphic fable tells of a mythical warrior and his boy follower as they strive to join a Viking crusade to the Holy Land in 1000 A.D. When their ship instead inadvertently sails for North America, a cinematic and heroic tale is sure to unfold; a favorite at several film festivals so far this year, and promises to be a unique and challenging viewing.

See It!!

Following the inspiration and spirit of Slumdog Millionaire—except for this current film is actually an Indian produced and shot piece—this one follows the life of an unwanted son and his struggles to rise above both his father’s hatred and iron hand to achieve his dream of becoming a writer. It’s so good to see more and more Bollywood cinema hitting our shores, and this particular effort will be a great Rent It!!


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