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This week's new release recommendations

"Charlie St. Cloud"
"Charlie St. Cloud"

Dinner for Schmucks
Steve Carell and Paul Rudd star as unlikely friends in this hilarious looking spoof that sees the latter corporate ladder climber scheming to get the former to a get together that is aimed solely at making fun of idiots. Should be funny, slightly raunchy, and hopefully worth the See It!! recommendation I’m giving here.

"Dinner for Schmucks" Theatrical Release Poster
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Charlie St. Cloud
Zac Efron is the titular hero of this romantic fantasy piece which tells the story of a teenager and his younger brother’s relationship. When the two are involved in a car accident, Charlie’s brother dies; soon thereafter, the younger St. Cloud returns to ‘haunt’ Charlie and give him guidance for his life and potential interest in the new girl in town.

See It!!

Get Low
In this early 1900s period drama, Robert Duvall returns to the big screen as a grumpy, self-imposed hermit who contacts the local funeral planner (Bill Murray) to arrange a ‘living funeral’ for himself; when the old man’s younger-years sweetheart (Sissy Spacek) shows up, old feelings and secrets come into light.

An excellent limited-release indie that will make for a great Rent It!!

Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
Following the immense ‘success’ (cough, cough) of the 2001 original, the powers that be decided that a 3D sequel was in order. Thus, we now have another ludicrous embarrassment that will likely make its target child viewers dually confused and sad. Don’t let your kids’ IQ drop due to seeing this trash.

Skip It!!

Smash His Camera
A documentary of the life and work (so far) of celebrity photographer Ron Galella. Known as “the godfather of U.S. paparazzi,” Galella has been involved in several highly publicized incidents with such stars as Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy and Marlon Brando—along with having his ‘work’ published in every major celebrity news magazine around the world. An interesting and telling look behind one of the most popular—and controversial—industries around.

Rent It!!

The Dry Land
A heavy American southwest drama that follows the struggles of U.S. soldier after he returns home from a war. Like other recent films that survey the same subject matter, this one should be a powerful and relevant look at the contemporary pitfalls of the worthy profession that the men and women of the military undertake for the safety of all.

Rent It!!

The Extra Man
Kevin Kline and Paul Dano star, respectively, as expert and protégé in the titular profession—being a stylish and inconspicuous escort for single, wealthy women to high-profile social functions; along the way, the two lead men develop a close friendship as well.

Rent It!!


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