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This week's new release recommendations

"The Last Exorcism" Theatrical Teaser Poster
"The Last Exorcism" Theatrical Teaser Poster
Lions Gate Entertainment

The Last Exorcism
This horror film supposes upon a legendary ‘healer’ reverend who, tired of the charade of his career, decides to take on one final exorcism and call it quits. When he arrives at a secluded farm and meets the proprietor’s daughter, the reality of the situation—and of demon possession—quickly becomes evident. Hopefully this will be a worthy scare fest… there are few movies dealing with this subject matter that aren’t genuinely creepy.

See It!!

The latest heist flick comes in the form of a ‘hip’ story about a band of high-stakes robbers (Paul Walker, Chris Brown, and Hayden Christensen, amongst others) who are plotting their last and greatest job; the only thing standing in their way is a tough police detective (Matt Dillon) and inter-crew rivalries and mistrust. After the months of promotional material that has been shoved down our throats in favor of hyping this one up, I’m a little skeptical; let’s Rent It!! and see what happens.

A high energy and epic-in-scope fictional retelling of the Ninth Legion’s northern march to Caledonia to take on the Picts, a powerful Celtic tribe. There hasn’t been a lot put out there about this one, but from the trailer, it looks to be a hard-hitting, action-over-plot spectacle.

Great visuals and hopes for an awesome movie get this one a See It!!

Daniel and Ana
This risqué Mexican film sees the titular siblings—Daniel, an angst-driven teenager, and Ana, his soon-to-be-wed older sister—forced to commit indecent acts with each other after being kidnapped and goaded on by their captors. After coming home, their lives—and relationship with each other—will never be the same.

Rent It!!

A totally original and enticing big-screen concept, this ‘biography’ of the life of a young Louis Armstrong and his formative years in early 20th century New Orleans is being presented as a silent film—with a live, full jazz band accompanying each screening to serve as narrator. An extremely limited release (only premiering in five major cities for a single-evening screening), this one will awe and delight any of you who are lucky enough to have procured tickets.

For the rest of us, Renting It!! will have to suffice!

Avatar: Special Edition
A seven month, billion-dollar grossing theatrical run apparently wasn’t enough for James Cameron and 20th Century Fox, so now we’re all being ‘treated’ to a second go around, this time with all new added footage—including the highly anticipated Jake and Neytiri extended sex scene (umm… really?!!). So unless you are one of the five people on earth who didn’t catch this one on the big screen last year—and yes, this is the ONE movie I’ll recommend you actually pop for the 3D ticket price for… it is worth it—stay home and don’t contribute to the money-mongering that will inevitably taint this otherwise landmark film.

Skip It!!


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