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This week's new release recommendations

Resident Evil: Afterlife
The fourth (and hopefully final) installment in the video game to big screen series sees Alice (Milla Jovovich) trekking the earth alone, searching for any remaining survivors after the events of the previous films in the series. Overall, these haven’t been the worse game console to motion picture adaptations ever, but let’s hope the money-mongers behind this concept will finally be satisfied after this current stretch of an effort.

Skip It!!

The Romantics
Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes star as a one-time couple who ‘reconnect’ during the rehearsal festivities for the former’s wedding. Likely not much more than your typical, quirky modern romantic-comedy, so save your cash this weekend from being wasted on these first two wide-release busts.

Skip It!!

I’m Still Here
This highly anticipated and controversial ‘documentary’ follows the recent exploits of Joaquin Phoenix, the A-lister who, in 2008, announced his intention to retire from professional acting and pursue a life-long dream of becoming a successful hip-hop artist. Chalk full of extremely explicit sexual material, drug use, and all-around, self-destructive rock star behavior, many have speculated that the whole production is no more than a farce that is in fact intended to propel Phoenix’s screen career to new heights.

Either way, a sure fire Rent It!! for those who can handle the risqué content.

Le refuge (Hideaway)
This French film tells the story of a young woman who shares a short love affair with the man of her dreams, only for him to die tragically even as she is found out to be pregnant with his child. With nowhere else to turn, our heroine is forced to room-in with the deceased man’s family—including his attractive and seductive brother. Looks to be the foreign equivalent to the powerful and moving The Greatest; if so, a definite See It!!

L'arnacœur (Heartbreaker)
Another French import, this comedy is about a rich patriarch who hires the titular character—a con artist who makes his living seducing women so they’ll break up with their current lovers—to foil the week-away wedding of his daughter. When the two younglings unintentionally connect, there’ll no doubt be fun and shenanigans abounding all around.

Rent It!!

The Afterlight
An interesting-looking psychological thriller that sees a troubled couple move to a secluded back-country area to ‘start-over’ with their life and relationship; after strange, unseen-by-other-people visitors begin showing up, the very nature of the ‘place’ where our couple is begins to come into disrepute.

Rent It!!

Two brothers—older Tyler and his titular younger sibling—are growing up fast and further apart from each other in this inspirational drama. When Logan begins to seriously pursue his passion of amateur filmmaking, his family and friends all have some comment—both the good and bad come aplenty here—to weigh in with. A strong and important coming of age story that will be a great See It!! for those who live in its limited release market area.

Lovely, Still
Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn star as an unlikely elderly couple in this indie drama that already has many talking of sleeper-hit Oscar gold. When Robert Malone (Landau), an elderly bachelor, begins to feel lonely in regards to the upcoming holiday season, a chance introduction by a mutual friend to the similarly situated Mary (Burstyn) quickly blossoms into a special and life-altering relationship.

See It!!

Triple Dog
This edgy teen drama tells of a group of high school prom queens who, bored during a sleepover, are convinced by the local outcast girl to play the titular game—a no-holds barred dare challenge with often equally hardcore consequences for those who participate; when one of the evening’s death-defying acts goes horribly wrong, there will high prices to pay for all involved.

Rent It!!


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