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This week's new release recommendations

"Devil" Theatrical Release Poster
"Devil" Theatrical Release Poster
Universal Pictures


This M. Night Shyamalan written and produced (but not directed) thriller finds five strangers stuck in an elevator together; as dark and frightening things begin happening, it becomes evident that not everyone present is of our world. This looks to be a (hopeful) return the glory days of classic M. Night cinema… this See It!! is thus a desperate shout out for something magical from this of-late fast asleep master of the craft.

The Town

Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, and Jeremy Renner star in this crime drama that sees Doug MacRay’s (Affleck) bank robbing crew looking for that one elusive final payoff, all while the boss himself begins to fall for Claire (Hall)--a the consequent hostage of the crew’s previous job. Unlike some of the supposedly more ‘hip’ heist flicks this year, this one looks to have both thrills and substance, and may thus be composed of Oscar-worthy material.

See It!!

Never Let Me Go

Based off of Kazuo Ishiguro’s acclaimed 2005 novel of the same name, this tale of a future dystopian Britain—where droves of clone children are created and raised simply to be later harvested of their organs and disposed of—will likely hold little back on the emotion level while challenging viewers’ conceptions of what it is that truly makes all of us human.

By all accounts, one of the most important films of the year—and a definite See It!!


This ‘documentary’s’ tagline of “Not based off of a true story—just true” is intriguing to say the least, and the little information the trailer gives us teases at a Facebook romance between two mid-twenties seekers that turns into something else entirely when the man tries to surprise the woman by driving to her house to meet for the first time. I honestly have no idea what to expect, and that alone makes me say See It!! without any hesitation.

Jack Goes Boating

This indie mood piece supposes upon a social-invert (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) who is set up unknowingly and unwillingly by friends with a beautiful single woman (Amy Ryan) who actually likes him. Despite Jacks efforts to the contrary, the two grow closer and are forced to learn about and deal with each other’s inconsistencies… and a touching and relevant story of companionship develops.

Rent It!!

Alpha and Omega

This latest CGI-3D animation kiddie-magnet is about two wolves from the same pack—and yet very different social circles—who end up being kidnapped together and placed in a nature preserve hundreds of miles away. According to the usual prescription of these witty and semi-inspirational tales, they’ll probably have fun, learn to work together, and eventually fall in love as they strive to return home. Ho-hum, yawn, yawn… same old formula, different day at the movies.

Skip It!!

Easy A

This teen comedy is a very lose adaptation of The Scarlet Letter, with the story being shifted to modern day and the ‘adulteress’ being a high school girl who gets popular by claiming to, but not having actually, sleep with drove of guys. While genuinely having a chance to make some important statements about contemporary sexuality, I nonetheless don’t expect much more than the typical drivel that makes up the meat of films from this genre.

If I’m wrong here, someone please let me know (really!)… otherwise, Skip It!!

Kings Of Pastry

This documentary showcases the behind-the-scenes triumphs and heartbreaks of those who compete in the annual titular competition, where the most renowned chefs in the world gather in France to compete for the coveted culinary top prize. Like any other film (or TV show) that deals with said content, this will be thoroughly interesting and entertaining—a can’t fail Rent It!!

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo

An examination of those inmates from various penal systems around the country who train and earn the right to participate in prison rodeos—which are apparently significantly more high stakes (in terms of life vs. death results) and dramatic than those events which free cowboys/girls enjoy. An insightful and telling look into an otherwise unknown sector of our society; another great Rent It!! documentary.


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