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This week's new release recommendations

The Warrior’s Way

Martial Arts superstar Jang Dong-Gun leads an all-star cast in this interesting looking ‘Asian western’ that sees a disgraced assassin leaving his homeland and heading to the old American west… but will his troubles follow him?

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All Good Things

Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst star are as an unlikely couple—he an heir apparent to a fortune, she the downtown girl who catches his eye—who have it all until foul play takes center stage; based on the real-life criminal case of Robert Durst.

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Night Catches Us

Starring Kerry Washington and Anthony Mackie, this period piece focuses on the turbulent lives of a group of ex-Black Panthers, and the fallout that ensues when one man (Mackie)—who is suspected of being a police rat—suddenly returns to town after several years’ unexplained absence.

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The namesake small southern county plays host to the violent and unsolved murder of a local child, and the golden-boy who left to become a big city detective (Nick Stahl) is forced to return and try and unravel the secrets behind the death.

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Dead Awake

Nick Stahl’s other indie premiere this week, this one tells of another unsolved fatality, albeit our star and his friends know what happened that night—and are now faced to confront their demons in the form of the frightening re-appearance of the man who died years ago.

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Applaus (Applause)

Danish actress Paprika Steen delivers a powerful and award-worthy performance in this film from that country about a middle-aged, alcoholic mother whose drinking continues to push her life into an increasingly downward-spiraling mess.

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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This ‘unique’ (to say the least…) Finland import spins a yarn of found buried-treasure, small town secrets, and murder—all at the hands of jolly ol’ Saint Nick; what appears to be a genuinely disturbed premise might just fall flat because of an otherwise ludicrous plot.

Rent It!! just in case—for when you get tired of the usual holiday cinema fare!

I Love You Phillip Morris

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor are a pair of flamboyantly homosexual lovers who meet in prison in this independent comedy that presents Carrey as real-life recently out-of-the-closet petty thief Steven Jay Russell whose shenanigans land him in the pen—only to meet his seemingly destined partner Phillip (McGregor).

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