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This week's high-score summary noticeably short in number of top performances

A low number of top-level scores is evident on this week's high-score report.
A low number of top-level scores is evident on this week's high-score report.

It has been a long time since the weekly high-score report has lacked at least one 11-in-a-row performance, but that's the situation regarding recent league play in the Sarasota-Manatee-Charlotte County area.

Indeed, the highest reported single-game score was a 286 rolled by Matt Hoffman, who strung 10 consecutive strikes in the opening game of a 667 series in the Amore's Italian Restaurant Mixed League at AMF Venice Lanes. The highest series was a 771 by Mike Aleshire in the Kays-Ponger-Uselton Men's League at Treasure Lanes.

Among the women, the top series was a 690 by Ashley Schwartz in the Thursday Mixed League at Bowland Port Charlotte, while the top women's game was a 269 by Mickeal Paige in the same league.

Nancy Burton posted one of the season's top over-average performances, when she more than doubled her 129 average with a 264 game in the All-American Heating & Cooling League at Sarasota Lanes.

Other impressive far-over-average scores included: Mike Hendrickson, with a 176-over 734 series that included a 277 game in the C&L Awards Mixed League at Sarasota Lanes; Ed Camp, with a 168-over 672 series in the JDB Inernational Mixed League at AMF Gulf Gate; Bob Cunningham, with a 167-over 701 series that included a 270 game in the Honest A/C of Venice League at AMF Venice; and William Davidson, with a 144-over 585 series in the Lemon Bay Mixed League at Englewood Bowl.

Other top scores reported from area bowling establishments included:

  • TREASURE LANES: John Nickols 279, Dean Williams 278, Joseph Harper 269-746, Jonathan Schimph 269, Mike Aleshire 268-771 and 731, Jerry Weese 268-737, David Baker Jr. 268, Jason Jones 267, Mark Baylor 266, Chuck Roame 704, Craig Nichols 700; Mary Kyle 248-617, Jennifer Peacock 245-666, Renae Gross 616.
  • SARASOTA LANES: Steven Baran 279-748 and 704, Danny Shaffer 269, Jerry Gow 269, Tim Fowler 268, Bobby Lessig 267, Carl Sawyer III 266, David Shedrow 701; Alison Shedrow 260-650, Dottie Ceurter 237-603, Shanti Schrock 237, Barb Ripley 232.
  • BOWLAND PORT CHARLOTTE: Wendell Van Gaasbeck 279-711, Daryl Chamberlin 268-747, Eric Rader 268, Jimmy Kuykendall 267, Tony Shore 266, Joe Julian 266; Mickeal Paige 269-655, Ashley Schwartz 254-690, Shari Smith 236, Esther Nadel 226, Jackie Wortinger 616.
  • AMF VENICE LANES: Jeff Stapleton 278, Brent Dykstra 277, George Barlow 273, John Dolby 268-719, Shawn Poneleit 268, Mel Storm 267, Terry Cline 265-714; Dottie Kirkpatrick 228-616, Audra Baker 225, Heatherly Faulkner 622.
  • ENGLEWOOD BOWL: Jesse Jones 267 and 708.
  • AMF GULF GATE: Chase Clark 269-719, Cody Esbrandt 721, Donny Bartlett 716; Shanti Schrock 243.
  • AMF BRADENTON: Chris Filip 268, Gary Mabrier 268, Ron Axberg 704.

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