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This Week's Fabulous Fit Senior: Meet Libby Behar, an Inspiration to all who know Her

Libby Behar, This weeks Fit and Fabulous Senior
Libby Behar, This weeks Fit and Fabulous Senior

At 74 years old, Libby Behar never misses a beat.  When Libby was in her early 40's, she weighed 210 pounds and was not regularly active.  She started exercising, eating healthy and lost 70 lbs.  Today she is an inspiration to everyone who knows her.  She is a regular in several exercise classes at Charlotte's Levine JCC where she attends 4 days a week.  According to her fitness instructor, Libby has gone from an active older adult who took specialized classes designed for senior citizens (sitting in chairs), to being so fit, healthy and strong, she's right there front and center in the open intermediate classes, blending in with the 30 and 40 somethings.

Truly that fact alone makes her an inspiration.  However, the truth is, Libby is legally blind due to an inoperable disease called myopic degeneration.  She now uses a cane to get around and to enter the aerobics room.  Once she enters the room, something truly amazing occurs.  The cane is left at the back of the room, the music starts and Libby doesn't miss a beat.  If you were new to the class, you would never even know that she was sight impaired. 

In addition to her truly amazing energy and enthusiastic demeanor, she has a never ending smile that is truly infectious and an attitude that will make you never want to complain about the small stuff.  According to her instructor (your examiner), Libby has been by her side in aerobics classes for about 16 years, and still the best part is her beautiful smile and the warm loving hug she gives as she expresses her gratitude for a great class.  Little does she know, that it is her teacher who feels truly blessed and enriched to get to work out beside her.  Thank you, Libby.

So my fellow Charlotteans, if you are looking for a little push to get your tush off of the couch and get up and start burning some calories.  Think about Libby's story and just go for it!