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This week on General Hospital, Is Luke really Luke Spencer?


General Hospital this week will keep everyone jumping as we go from the reveal on Friday of the man Julian has been bankrolled by. It turned out to be Luke. Was it Luke?

We know Luke was messed with at Miscaviage, the asylum where Heather had been confined, if that is the word for a woman who escaped every other day to do mischief in Port Charles. When Luke was found there in a blond wig we knew he had been drugged, but not how badly or what else had been done to him. He certainly does not act like Luke. he is mean and vulgar and his behavior to Kiki is disgusting, and not Luke like anymore.

Now, we wonder if he truly is Luke Spencer or is it someone impersonating him? Can it be someone in a mask? that seems to be the farce de jour on PC. Or could it be his cousin Bill Eckert? He was last seen dead, but that is also a farcical happening in PC.

When last seen he was meeting Julian Jerome in the barn at Wyndemere where it was revealed he is the on supporting Julian in his task to take Sonny down. This is a man who considered himself Sonny’s good friend. So we wait during this week to try to figure out the mystery of Luke Spencer.

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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