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This week in Disc Golf 1/30

It’s just about time for another season of disc golf. I’m going to do a weekly post about all the information and news about disc golf on this page so you can all stay updated very easily in one place.

Disc golf basket
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Last week
There are lots of ice bowl tournaments going on over the past few weeks. Most of the events are great for disc golf, they give a good name to disc golf because most of them are giving food or money or both to local charities and shows communities that we care about our communities and want to give back to them.

Pro news
I want to start by saying congratulations to Valarie Jenkins and Nate Doss, they have been together now for several years and just over a month ago, they announced they are engaged. Very cool to find someone you love who also shares your passion for disc golf.

Avery Jenkins has just announced The Discmania, Deep in the game tour for 2014. A series of clinics that go along with the very helpful and informative videos that Avery started making last season. If you live in one of the places the tour stops, go check out the clinics to get some great tips and learn how to get better at disc golf. Check out the video above of Avery’s Deep in the game video to master your backhand drives.

This weeks events
There are some bigger events coming now that the season is starting to get into swing.
The Dynamic discs Winter warm up will be played this weekend in Lewisville Tx.

Once we get into February the events pick up, We are 3 weeks away from the pro Gentleman club event in Vegas, and we are only a month away from the Memorial tournament, in Scottsdale Az.

I’m am really very tired of winter here in Minnesota this year, it has colder than 20 below zero several time in the Twin Cities this month. Not weather to get anyone wanting to play disc golf. We do have some real die-hards in Minnesota that get out and play no matter what the weather.

I used to be one of them until recently. I Just can’t do it anymore when it’s that cold. I really miss it and want it to warm up. Spread the word about disc golf and get others to give it a try and you know they’ll be hooked on the game like you are. I’m building another site to get more people into the game, it’s going to be all about training and improving, check it out when you get a chance.

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