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This week in Denver stand-up: 2/3-2/7

Ben Roy. He's pretty badass.
Ben Roy. He's pretty badass.
Photo thanks to comedian's myspace page

Yep. It's hump day, but has some great solutions to beating the mid-week blues. Denver comedy is stepping up to the plate as usual with some fantastic acts on the scene, both from our own locality and visiting comics.

On point for today is the weekly BB Talent Management Showcase held at the Jet Hotel at 8pm. They put on a ton of great local talent AND there is no cover AND they run some solid drink specials. A nice contrast in a world of expensive tickets and drink minimums with over-priced alcoholic beverages. Jo Koy is also playing Comedy Works Downtown tonight at 8pm. His tix are reasonable from today through Sunday, varying from $15-$23. You might have caught Koy on Comedy Central Presents or Chelsea Lately. The guy is awesome. Check him out.

And on the local scene of Denver comedians, check out Ben Roy's act this Saturday at 6:30pm at Comedy Works Downtown. Roy's caustic, high-energy style is creating waves that extend way outside of our rectangular state.

Here's a list by day of all the great shenanigans descending upon Denver, bringing the laughs:


-Jo Koy, Comedy Works Downtown, 8pm, $15

-BB Talent Management Showcase, The Jet Hotel, 8pm, no cover

-New Talent Night, Comedy Works South, 7:30, $10+2 drink min.


-Comedy open mic, Onus Spears Comedy Events, Casselman's Bar, 9pm

-Cowboy Bill, Denver Improv, 7:30pm, $12

-Jo Koy, Comedy Works Downtown, 8pm, $15

-Troy Baxley, Comedy Works Landmark, 7:30, $12


-Cowboy Bill, Denver Improv, 8pm & 10:15, $15

-Jo Koy, Comedy Works Downtown, 8pm & 10pm, $23

-Kevin Nealon, Comedy Works Landmark, 7:30pm & 9:30pm, $34+2 drink min.


-Cowboy Bill, Denver Improv, 7:00pm & 9:15pm, $15

-Ben Roy, Comedy Works Downtown, 6:30pm, $20

-Jo Koy, Comedy Works Downtown, 8:30pm &10:30pm, $23

-Kevin Nealon, Comedy Works Landmark, 7:00pm & 9:30pm, $34


-Jo Koy, Comedy Works Downtown, 8pm, $15


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