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This week at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

rape investigation, Yusef Estes, and Chicago are happening at UofA
rape investigation, Yusef Estes, and Chicago are happening at UofA
University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville police department is investigating two rapes at the Sigmu Nu frat house. That latest incident was reported Sunday morning. In September, another woman reported being raped at the frat house.

It is interesting to note that police officers attend frat parties. The March incident is believed to have occurred at 2 a.m. That would be a convenient thirty minutes after police parted the group's Saturday function.

It's also interesting that nothing's been done to Sigma Nu. They can continue to throw parties, etc. despite the allegations. At the onset, it appears that two college women are about to be introduced the patriarchy, supremacy and male dominance. Colleges go through big hoops to protect male students accused of rape.

While that rape investigation is underway, Yusef Estes is speaking on campus today and tomorrow. Estes was invited to speak by Muslimas, an on-campus group. Their efforts were aided by the Islamic Center of Northwest Arkansas. Estes has been a Muslim since 1991, and is not short on web popularity. The 70-year-old Texas native has a number of videos on YouTube.

Maya Angelou isn't exactly coming to the UFA campus, but she will be in Fayetteville. The tickets are all gone (tix sold out in hours). It's reported that not many of the ticket holders are students.

"Chicago", the play not the rock band, is performing at Walton Arts Center until the 16th. Tickets go on sale an hour before the show.

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