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This week at Fry's

Luckily for Arizona residents, Fry's Food is running almost the same grocery ad this week!  Why is that good?  Because they are still running the "Buy 10, get an instant $5 off" promo.  Pairing this with coupons, many items become free or almost free, and just in time for Super Bowl!

Some tips:

  • You can do the promo multiple times in one transaction.  Ex; Buy 30 participating items and get an instant $15 off at checkout.
  • Watch the product sizes.  Buy exactly the size the ad or shelf tag says.  Sometimes a shopper will move items around on the shelf and you will unknowingly pick up the wrong sized product.
  • Stock up if possible; Buy low, Buy lots.
  • Check displays for additional coupons.  Some Coors and Budweiser displays have had Super Bowl coupons for products such as Pepsi, Tostitos, Hormel Chili, Frank's Red Hot, and Ritz. 

Click here for a video about Fry's current promotion.


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