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This week in Astrology: March 10-16, 2014

chaos swirling to clear
chaos swirling to clear

March 10-16, 2014 Starts of with a fortunate fusion between expansive Jupiter and the deeply feeling Moon in family loving Cancer. Expect some serious emotions to surface, could be good, might be tricky, whatever you are feeling will grow in proportion all the way up to the Full Moon in valuable Virgo this Sunday, March 16 PST at ten am. Oh how things will be sorted out. It's exciting to witness the coherence- chaos swirling into clear.

Monday the Moon is sharing space with Jupiter in Cancer- Imagine the warm cozy hug Jolly good Jupiter can give. You might feel so deeply grateful and satisfied you find yourself overflowing with tears of gratitude. On the other hand, it could turn out that whatever emotional baggage you have in the family department might get amplified while the moon passes over Jupiter.

There is always the positive and negative to consider. Even while you are experiencing the positive you might find that you suddenly become aware of the negative within the most positive situation. The yin yang symbol really nails it.

Mercury is Square Saturn to keep things interesting on Monday. Mercury is wanting some big thinking chit chat about the state of the world. While Saturn is more interested in getting really real while it's in Scorpio. Secrets come out. Solid foundations can not be built on untruth and Saturn is making certain that the past is put in its proper place. Its best to own your part in anything and to read the fine print too. Careful and slow wins the race. If you are feeling angry or vengeful- this too shall pass. Punch a pillow or something forgiving to release pent up energy- Or find a friend and vent.

Friday we are heading into the weekend with a harmonious mix of energy between Mars and Mercury, now is your chance to say what you want to say. If you have a case to make now is the time to do it- You enthusiasm is contagious You will likely be feeling the Virgo full moon by now.

Sunday the Moon is at its fullest- To make the most of this full moon in Virgo think of all the things in your life that need a little perfecting. How's your diet- have you managed to dump the wheat and dairy? Are you drinking lots of clean water? How you are your drawers and closets looking? You might find you cant stop yourself from perfecting things now. Enjoy the productivity. Write everything down and be sure to feel grateful. Gratitude is the attitude. There is so much to be thankful for so count your blessings and watch with a happy heart as they multiply.