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This week in Astrology: June 2-8, 2014 Mercury goes retrograde

This moment is a gift - That is why we call it the present
This moment is a gift - That is why we call it the present

June 2-8, 2014 Mercury goes retrograde in family loving Cancer. Dig in and get things done for the next few weeks. When Mercury retrogrades we have a chance to review things- redo, research and reinvent our circumstance through reflecting. It's an inward looking time that corresponds to our need to sleep. You can expect delays and mix-ups when this ruler of communication, travel and thoughts, reverses its direction three times a year for three weeks.
Though the exact retrograde does not start until the seventh at 4:57 am PST we are we can feel the effects as mercury slows to a stop before backtracking. It starts in Cancer which focuses us on family and familiar relationships. This is a great time to witness the inner workings of your family dynamics. Wisdom and insight can easily be had if you are looking in the right direction.
Cancer has a hard time letting go - sometimes you just need to cut people loose and move on. But for Cancer this is painful at best, even if the relationship is a toxic drain. But we are evolving now- with powerful opportunities to choose happiness, success and close association with supportive like minded companions. So look inside and really see what is working towards your greater happiness and what is secretly sabotaging it. Now you can see inside.

On the seventeenth Mercury revisits Gemini for a revisit with all that it Gemini. Again, insight is available to see how the area ruled by Gemini is affected. We all have Gemini somewhere in the birth chart. Short trips and visit are possible. People from the past often pop up in Mercury retrograde. Which may mean nothing other than a reminder of a past that may need review so you can change an idea or choice that is outworn.

Enjoy this time. “We're so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget that the inner value – the rapture that is associated with being alive – is what it is all about.”– Joseph Campbell. Jul first Mercury will head forward again so hold off on big choices or contract signing until then. Also, try to stay away from buying electronics.

The week ends with a harmonious trine between serious business Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Taurus. This could be a very fruitful and fulfilling day. Deep truthful intimacy is possible. Getting to the bottom of things in a gentle and supportive way. Think luxurious connections. Revel in the feeling of oneness with the ones you love. Beam your gratitude far and wide - Be a beacon of fulfillment. What you can do others can too. Your efforts are multiplied by all those who can follow your example into a new world of contentment and ease. May blessings sprinkle your week.