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This week in Astrology:February 24-March 2, 2014

Plant a seed
Blair sagit

February 24- March 2, 2014 the moon will be new in Pisces. There is an otherworldly pace to life under this moon's influence. Magical things occur- lucky breaks, being in the right place at the right time. It is energy like this that proves to us that we are not alone- however confounding that might be to the atheists of the world.

This week starts off with a lets get this done Capricorn moon. Yay! lets get things done. It's important, when under the influence of Pisces, to be ready to jump to action when energy does arrive. You can get so used to lazing about that you miss opportunities. Monday has the right mix of planetary energy to lift you up and move you forward. It feels good, productive.

Tuesday PST enthusiastic Jupiter in Cancer is being agitated by the bold and sort of thoughtless energy of Uranus in Aries. Part of you wants to forge ahead, tackle new ground, shout your crazy new ideas from the roof tops, another part of you wants to cozy up in your ideal home office and delegate activities to others while you sip tea and never get out of your pajamas. What to do? This is the dilemma of the aspect called the square in Astrology, the energies never find a way to understand each other yet great growth is forced from the attempt. Most successful people have prominent squares in their personal charts.

By Fridays New moon in Pisces you will feel the energy significantly shift. Mercury finally goes direct after three weeks of mischief and trouble making. I personally had many minor computer annoyances and general delays. Luckily when you expect this sort of thing its really barely a bother. But now that Mercury is heading forward again life should move along smoothly in the communications department. Our thoughts are less fuzzy, more forward.

This day of the New Moon, do focus on your intentions, on your wishes. Get clear about the essence of what you want to create in your life, dreamy ideals are possible now. Long cherished goals or dreams can come true. So prepare for some magical dreamy lovely wonderful moments of splendid luck and fantastic opportunity. Prepare yourself by expecting the best. If you expect the best to happen it did! Connect your goals with helping others, the planet or animals. What you give out comes back to you-so send out Love-send out understanding and forgiveness, send out your heartfelt belief that dreams really do come true,and send out heaps of gratitude too.

The week ends with responsible Saturn and go-getter Mars going retrograde. The breaks are on. Slow things down for review. This is not the best time to start business ventures. Look for more on this in next weeks post. This week focus all your energy on the mystical Pisces new moon. Initiate something. Write down your preferences and take the time to visualize the outcome until you can feel it there in your world. Here's to a magical life! May your world glow with Love and Light!

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